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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 3: Fugitive

What is it ? : Fives has been caught and put in a cell, and when interrogated about what happened leading up to Tup's death, he and the medical droid explain what they've discovered to the Kaminoan Doctor and Shaak-Ti. Shaak-TI orders that the sample be sent to the Jedi Temple for analysis, and the doctor protests that Palpatine ordered it sent under her care to the Grand Republic Medical Centre, and then furtively swaps the sample.
Five's is told that he will return to duty after one final test to assure them he is not infected with the same thing as Tup, but as he is escorted through the city, he encounters the medical droid once more, which is its way to get a memory wipe, and informs him that he is being sent for the same, and will be assigned to janitorial duties afterwards.
Five's escapes from his guards, and discovers that the samples have been swapped, so flees the city with the real sample and the medical droid, abandoning the vehicle he flees in on autopilot to lead anyone following away. He returns to the city to continue the investigation, discovering the tumor doesn't contain any DNA from Jango Fett, so is a foreign body implanted in the Clone Troopers.
Shaak-Ti realises that Five's has returned to the city and is continuing his investigation, so moves the search for him back to there, and Five's has the medical droid operate on him, to discover if he has one of these implants, which he does. However, where Tup's one is blackened and rotting, Five's is healthy. With the knowledge that both of the Troopers had one of these implants, they head to the Embryo room to check at what stage the implants were added, and discover that they are added at a very early stage and that every Clone Trooper has one.
As Shaak-Ti catches up with Fives, he and the Medical Droid present their information, and the Kaminoans explain that the implants are behaviour modifiers added to stop the excesses of Jango Fett's personality, and order that Five's be destroyed as malfunctioning property of Kamino. Shaak-Ti informs them that the Clones are the property of the Republic, and orders Five's and his evidence be returned to Coruscant for presentation to Palpatine.

High Points : The story continues to be solid, and the darker tone I liked in the storyline in the previous two episodes stays solid, and again we manage an interesting story without any fighting in it (well there's a very brief fist fight).

My favourite element of the Episode was AZI-345211896246498721347 (AZI-3 for short, which is a confirmation that R2-D2 which could not be a unique identifier in a galaxy full of Astromechs, isn't his full name), the logic he works under is wonderful. Disobeying orders because he's obeying a higher order of discovering the truth and doing his job, it seems obvious to me he's fully aware that he's breaking the rules, and that he knows he shouldn't be helping Five's, but is doing it because he's enjoying himself. And his intervention at the end of the episode, backing Five's up with evidence, and earlier informing Five's he isn't going to be allowed to return to duty and will be getting a mindwipe, is the key moments in the story.

Low Points : Now while the Kaminoans give a perfectly valid reason on why the Clone Troopers have implants in their brains, the admission of this after a full episode of denying they knew what the problem was, should send alarm bells ringing with the Jedi. The Kaminoans have been lying to them about this, and everyone should be wondering why.
My personal opinion is that this was added to the story, as a revelation needed for the third part of the story, which if they'd kept the story down to 3 episodes rather than the 4 they've become so keen on, wouldn't have happened. I feel that the writers have been forced to keep making 4 part stories, no matter how long the storyline actually needs, leading to stories being stretched, or possibly even compressed to fit the required timeslot, which is unfortunate.

So what do you really think ? : This is a solid story, and although I'm becoming a stuck record on this, it feels more important than much of Clone Wars, with a palpable feeling of tension. We know that Order 66 isn't revealed to the Jedi, so Five's story doesn't get believed, or is somehow blocked from spreading, but we don't actually know how it all goes wrong.

Final Words : Well, last part of the story tomorrow, fingers crossed it keeps up the high standard established in the first 3 parts.

Score : 8.5/10

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