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Sienar Fleet Systems Eta-5 interceptor
Doallyn (Geranite Hunter)

Doallyn (Geranite Hunter)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 4: Orders

What is it ? : So Five's is being taken to Coruscant by Shaak-Ti, and is drugged during the flight while the others aboard the shuttle are oblivious to it. So when he is left alone with Palpatine to give his story, he attacks, and is forced to flee into the city. He heads for a Clone Bar, and meets up with other troopers he knows who are back on Coruscant at the moment, passing a message through them to Rex and Anakin Skywalker to meet with him, However he is tracked to the warehouse by a probe droid.
Skywalker and Rex meet with him, and he isolates them inside a force shield while he gives his story, but is so agitated by the scale of the conspiracy, and the revelation that Palpatine revealed he knew all about it, they think he is crazy and don't believe him.
Other Clone Troopers arrive, and when he doesn't surrender, they gun Fives down, killing him. As he breathes his last, he tells Rex the nightmares are finally over.
The Tumors are returned by the Kaminoans to Count Dooku, and the Jedi are told that the damage to the chips was caused by a parasite the Clones had picked up from drinking contaminated water, and all Clones are now being immunised against.

High Points : The importance of the tale continues, and while is because clear that Five's wasn't making it through this story alive, his death is still dramatic and sad. He was just trying to do right, and dies an ignoble death, believed to be insane and dangerous.

Coruscant looks amazing during this story, looking busier than it's every looked before. We've seen it just as full, but the coming and going of people makes it seem vibrant and alive in a way that not even the movies has shown before. And with the off duty Clone Troopers heading to bars and getting rowdy, it really reminded me of footage of WW2 era London with troops back from the front heading back and forth.

Low Points : A few elements annoyed me about this episode, more than the three that went before. For example the drugging of Five's is just a little too easy and convenient. The Kaminoan scientist drugs him in the same room as other Clone Troopers, and a Jedi, and he even calls out that he's being drugged, but everyone else fails to notice.

The story about the malfunctioning chip is continued by the Kaminoan scientist in this episode, and no one calls her on the fact that she denied it's existence until the previous episode. They don't even call into question her skills, as Fives and a medical droid located the rotting chip in Tup's, when she claimed there was nothing there at all, so she's a liar or incompetent.

Because I'm looking for new things to do stats for in every episode, I'm perhaps more tuned to noticing the amount of reused assets in each episode. And while I've commended this episode on the "busyness" of Coruscant in this episode, I must also note that all the vehicles and starships seen have been seen before, except for the Taxi Five's travels in, unless I'm mistaken. Also the warehouse where Fives is tracked down and meets Anakin and Rex, is another in the long sequence of Coruscant Warehouses we've been in, most recently the one where Ahsoka is arrested, with a world of a Trillion people, I'd like to think there's some other interesting places to meet than Warehouses.

So what do you really think ? : A good start to Season 6, and as I've said so often over these episodes, one that feels more important than most Clone Wars stories due to it's connection with the movies. The characterisation was excellent, as the animation continues to be, actually a little sad we're coming towards the end of the series now.

Final Words : A small complaint about this story as a whole, is based on future knowledge. In Rebels we meet Rex again, along with Wolffe, and Gregor, and while we see Rex learn of the Chip in his head to kill Jedi, he doesn't seem to believe Fives about this, so how do these Clones remove their chips and survive the rise of the Empire. I thought I'd get to see Rex at least requesting his chip be removed, or surreptitiously arranging its removal.
Not a flaw with this episode, and not a flaw with this storyline, but just a little gap in completeness I'm disappointed with (possibly one I should mention when I get to Rex's introduction in Rebels?)

Score : 8.5/10

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