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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 6: The Rise of Clovis

What is it ? : On Scipio the Core Five, the leaders of the Banking Clan discuss how the information that Amidala took isn't enough to convict them, only if one of them breaks ranks could things go bad for them. After the meeting one of them contacts Darth Sidious, and provides him with the information needed to bring down the Core Five, in exchange for his protection.
Arriving back on Coruscant, Clovis, Amidala and Anakin report back to Palpatine and a group of Senators including Bail Organa, who have problems believing Clovis given his betrayal in the past, but Palpatine claims to believe Amidala's opinion and trust Clovis. They investigate the files, and become close. Anakin sees them together nearly kissing, and goes crazy, beating Clovis heavily, although when security arrive, Clovis covers for Anakin's behaviour.
The Core Five are overthrown by the Muun people, and Clovis is contacted by Count Dooku, who puts his support behind Clovis while reminding him of his former allegiance..
The Senate votes, and Clovis is put in charge of the Banking Guild.

High Points : This one is definitely weak, mainly political apart from the Anakin/Clovis brawl in the middle, which in itself makes no sense.

About the only thing which I liked was Count Dooku contacting Clovis towards the end of the episode. Firstly, after the brawl with Anakin, Clovis is being treated by a Medical Droid, which turns out to be a separatist plant. This I loved, the fact that within Amidala's own residence, Dooku has a droid spying for him, it makes a lot of sense, and shows him to be far more competent than we usually see. Then when Dooku and Clovis speak, Dooku doesn't threaten, he makes a deal with Clovis, offering him what he wants, without any demands. This season has seen a far better portrayal of Dooku as an astute leader, diplomat and planner, which makes him a far more menacing and believable threat than we've seen throughout the rest of the seasons.

Low Points : When Anakin and Clovis fight, in no way should this diplomat have any chance against a force wielding, battle experienced warrior, but he stands his own fairly well. The episode wanted to show Anakin as bad, which it would have done far more deftly if Anakin had totally outmatched Clovis. Handing a beatdown to a helpless opponent would have made Anakin look far closer to the dark side than having him fight a fairly matched opponent.

Also Amidala's treatment of Anakin, dumping him because he and Clovis had a fight. Clovis obviously taunts Anakin, and it should be clear to Amidala, that Anakin rises to taunts and loses his temper easily, and that the fight was equally Clovis's fault.

It must also be noted that when Anakin enters Amidala's apartment, Clovis is forcing a kiss on her, as she attempts to avoid it, while saying "No". Now I'm not saying Clovis is a rapist here, but his behaviour is definitely a bit rapey.
But this makes Anakin a hero, rushing to the defence of his wife who is literally saying no to Clovis's sexual advances.

Finally on this topic, Amidala has stuck with Anakin after he admitted to killing Sand People mothers and children, but getting in a fight with her ex boyfriend who was getting a little bit rapey, is too much. I think the truth here is she's drawn to bad boys, and Anakin's massacre of a tribe, now pales into insignificance against Clovis's bad boy act, so her head has been turned.

So what do you really think ? : This really isn't a great episode, and while it's an important middle section to this story, about Clovis being untrustworthy but rising to power under the Palpatine administration, it's not that interesting, and not that fun.

Final Words : Well, this is a three parter, so we'll see how this story ends, and hopefully it will be more interesting.

Score : 7/10

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