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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 7: Crisis at the Heart

What is it ? : Clovis returns to Scipio with Amidala and a Clone Trooper guard to take charge of the Banking Guild, meeting with a Separatist Senator and a Battle Droid guard, between who they will assure neutrality in the handover.
Clovis makes a speech declaring how he only wants to restore faith in the banking system and never wanted power, to much applause. And is then contacted by Count Dooku, who threatens to release the information that they helped Clovis by providing information about the corruption in the Core Five. He refuses, so Dooku stops the separatists from repaying their loans, which the Banking Guild can only continue operating by increasing the interest on the Republics loans.
Dooku brings a Separatist fleet to Scipio and invades, and arrests Amidala, making it look as if Clovis has arranged the invasion. The Republic responds, but the Separatists are already retreating.
Anakin confronts Clovis, who takes Amidala hostage rather than face the angry Jedi, but the building is damaged in the fighting, and Clovis falls to his death.
The Muun people hand control of the Banking Guild to Palpatine, rather than trust anyone else, and Palpatine makes a speech.

High Points : Err, this is a pretty hard one to find anything particularly impressive in, I suppose Scipio still looks lovely.

And to be completely honest, for a 20 minute long episode, there's a whole load of story packed in here, with the invasion and liberation of Scipio taking part in less than half the episode.

Low Points : The story is a bit of a mess and for once I think more time would have helped.

Dooku threatens to tell everyone about them giving him information on the corruption in the Banking Guild, and Clovis quite rightly refuses to respond to this threat. Quite simply, both sides have helped Clovis, and everyone knows about it, so the threat is pretty powerless.

Dooku explains that since Clovis won't help them because of the threat, that the Separatists won't pay back their debts, and that he'll need to increase the Republic's interest on their loans to compensate. And Clovis does this, without cutting the Separatists off from more credit, a move which has been shown in the past would win the Republic the Clone Wars. He just increases the Republics interest, making him look like a Separatist Stooge.

Dooku invades Scipio, which for some unexplained reason will make Clovis look like a Separatist supporter. I guess all the planets which the Separatists invade look like Separatist supporters?

And at the end of the episode, the only person who has seen anything which shows Clovis in a bad light (his admission he took support from the Separatists) is Amidala, who could just protect her deceased ex-boyfriends memory by keeping her mouth shut, but apparently she doesn't and that hands control of the Banking Guild to Palpatine.

Oh, and in addition to the ending not holding up, I must note that the fact that last Episode, Amidala dumped Anakin and didn't want to see him again, is all forgotten since he rescued her and tried to save Clovis from falling from the building.

So what do you really think ? : I wasn't impressed with the last episode, and things get worse. While fairly enjoyable, the story makes no sense whatsoever. The big piece of information that Clovis received, which he is threatened with, and then brings down him and the Banking Guild, is that the Separatists gave him information to get rid of corruption in the Banking Guild.
Since the Separatists would have been affected by the collapse of the Banking Guild as well, and were already seen to be working to bring him into control of the Banking Guild to restore faith in the system, I cannot see how this is dangerous to him.
The whole invasion thing didn't make sense either. At first I thought it was being terribly clever, as the Republic forces tried to fall back to defensive positions within the city when they detected the invasion beginning. Since both sides were banned from the city, I thought this was just a fake out, forcing the Republic to break the rules, which would lead to sanctions on their debt. However, the Republic forces get killed off before they reach the city.
I also totally fail to see how the invasion can be blamed on Clovis. Many worlds get invaded by the Separatists without their leaders being blamed as sympathisers, how is Scipio different?

Final Words : Oh god no . . . . It's a Jar Jar Binks two parter next . . . . .

Score : 6.5/10

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