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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 1 Episode 9: Cloak of Darkness

What is it ? : After being captured in the last episode, Nute Gunray is being escorted aboard a Republic Cruiser by Ahsoka Tano and Luminara Unduli, to be interrogated. Count Dooku assigns Asajj Ventress to either bring him back, or kill him.
Ventress boards the Republic Vessel with Gunray aboard, and fights with Ahsoka and Luminara, but it turns out to be a distraction as one of the crew has been turned and rescues Gunray.
Ventress and Gunray flee, with Ahsoka and Luminara in pursuit in a story to be continued in the next episode.

High Points : The idea of Ventress being just a distraction for Ahsoka and Luminara is solid, and well executed, although the identity of the traitor is a bit obvious (which is sad as I kind of liked him). But there's not a lot else going on in this episode, and while it's not terrible it feels very run of the mill.

Low Points : Why does anyone trust the confederacy? Only two episodes ago, rather than pay the salvager that had R2-D2, General Grievous killed him, and now in this episode Ventress kills the traitor who rescues Nute Gunray. While it's a fairly obvious way of making the bad guys really bad>, and of showing that these characters get their just desserts. It's also doing away with minor characters who could return later and be quite interesting. The officer from this episode could have cropped up later in a low ranking role within the confederacy, the salvager could have had something the main characters needed later on forcing them to make a deal with him even though they have reasons to not trust him.
It's just a little disappointing to see side characters all just written off, it makes it feel like everything just revolves round the characters, and there's no real larger universe going on, which Star Wars always used to manage.

So what do you really think ? : Clone Wars already seems to be sinking into a rut, with the standard storyline being one side has something the other wants, the Jedi and Sith fight, then the Sith flee, either to be chased into the next episode or because they're defeated. I'd love to see some tactics and real stories going on against the backdrop of a galactic war, they used to manage similar stuff with the old Commando comics I read when I was a kid, daring stories of action and courage.
Maybe more interesting stuff is to come.

Final Words : While not a terrible episode, there's nothing new going on in this episode, and it's a little boring for it.

Score : 6.5/10

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