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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 10: The Lost One

What is it ? : The Jedi discover the wreckage of Jedi Master Sifo Dyas's ship crashed on a moon, and reopen the investigation into what happened to him, and why he ordered the Clone Army. Anakin and Obi-Wan are dispatched to investigate, and discover that Sifo Dyas was travelling with another Jedi.
Meanwhile Yoda discovers that some of the records on Sifo Dyas's disappearance are sealed by the Chancellors office, so speaks to Palpatine, who denies all knowledge, sending Yoda to speak to Valorum, who was Chancellor at the time. Valorum reveals that Dyas disappeared while on a mission for him, investigating the Pyke Crime Syndicate, along with an aid of Valorums.
Anakin and Obi-Wan visit the Pykes, the leader of which wears a seal given only to members of Chancellor Valorums office, and when pressed reveals that a man called Tyranus paid them to kill the Jedi, but they've kept the aide just in case they needed something to trade, so they trade him for forgiveness from the Jedi for acting against them. The aide is insane due to his long captivity, but begins to offer hints that he and Dyas were betrayed because someone wanted to be Dyas. The aide is then force choked by Dooku, who has been ordered by Sidious to cover his tracks.
The two Jedi fight Dooku, who flees, but only after killing the leader of the Pykes for his betrayal, and admitting that he is Tyranus. They inform the Jedi Council, who decide to cover up their discoveries, because revealing that Dooku had killed Dyas, and ordered the Clone Army in his place would undermine the army in the public's eyes, and they have proven themselves trustworthy over and over again saving many Jedi lives.

High Points : I enjoyed this episode, it races by, moving the story on quickly and with some good action, but I haven't given it a fantastic score, because it feels exposition heavy and as if more care should have been taken with this storyline.

However I must comment on the crash site where they locate Sifo Dyas's ship and lightsaber, the storm they struggle through to get to it is fantastically realised, and really feels like a storm. The Pyke homeworld is another place worthy of mention, again with a unique look and feel to it.

Low Points : I've not much above notes and petty gripes with this episode, no major problems with the story.

For example, why does Jedi Master Plo Koon need a breath mask over his breath mask when he is visiting the crash site? He wears a heavy respirator over his already always present breath mask, which just made me go, huh?

I know the reason for this, but the Clone Troopers call Plo Koon, Master Plo, it would be nice if they'd addressed this with an in universe reason, but I suspect it's just because calling him Master Koon might sound a little racist?

And this one is addressed in the episode itself, that Count Dooku is terrible at covering his tracks. He goes to the Pykes to cover up the fact he paid them to kill Sifo Dyas, and kills their leader and the Aide the Pykes have been holding for 10 years. But then admits to Obi-Wan that he's Tyranus, which seems a little bit like he killed them just so he could tell the Jedi himself.

So what do you really think ? : I thought this was the first part of the Yoda 4 parter to take us to the end of the series, but although using Yoda as a main character, this is a totally separate 1 part story. I love the 1 part stories because they usually fill in some area of the Clone Wars we don't usually see, but this one covers ground already covered in Attack of the Clones, and doesn't flesh anything more out, just really acts as a reminder of the events of that movie.

Final Words : Oh, well, onto the Yoda 3 parter I've heard so much about.

Score : 7.5/10

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