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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 11: Voices

What is it ? : Somehow following on from the last episode, Yoda is resting and hears the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn, thinking about this later he becomes distracted during a meeting of the Jedi Council. He explains to the Jedi Council what he thought he heard.
They send him for medical testing, and put guards on him. The tests show nothing physical, although do show that part of his brain is more active than any Jedi has seen before. They test him in a isolation tank, and Yoda hears Qui-Gon again, but the testing shows nothing.
The Jedi believe it is impossible to keep your identity after death, but Anakin has his doubts, so when Yoda hears Qui-Gon telling him to go to Dagobah, he asks Anakin to help him escape from his guards, which he does.
So Yoda takes a fighter and heads to that world, where he hears Qui-Gon more clearly, and is shown visions of Jedi being killed by Clone Troopers, of Sidious fighting Mace Windu, and other events yet to come.
Qui-Gon tells Yoda to go to one of the Sources of all life in the Galaxy, where Yoda will learn to keep his identity after death.

High Points : Yoda's stolen starfighter is a fantastic design, yet another bridge between the Eta Actis 2 Jedi Interceptor, and the Tie Fighter, it looks tiny, yet still has room for an Astromech, a lovely little ship. It uses a hyperspace ring to travel faster than light, which makes me wonder if Tie fighters actually had a hyperspace ring which worked for them and we just haven't seen them, or if they discontinued the technology for some reason.

It was lovely to see Yoda taking advantage of Anakin's rebellious nature, and seeing Anakin as the only Jedi he could rely on to disobey the Jedi Council and help Yoda get away.

Obi-Wan makes a wonderful comment about how the war has stretched everyone to breaking point, and it has been the greatest shock to him that Yoda might actually have one.

The fact that the Jedi Council is a council of equals and while it appears that Yoda is their leader, he actually isn't is really shown in this episode. They make it clear that Yoda is respected, as at one point he was all of their Masters when they were young, but when it comes down to it, Mace Windu has as much influence as Yoda.

Low Points : The only problem I have with this episode is how easily the Jedi turn on Yoda, through the series we've seen the Witches of Dathomir show powers the Jedi do not have, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka encountered the Father, Son and Daughter who have powers that they've never seen before (including showing them Qui-Gon Jinn talking to them). However, as soon as Yoda discussed people keeping their personalities after death, virtually the entire Jedi Council decides he's gone senile, and order the Temple Guards to keep him prisoner in the medical bay.
They even mention that he could be influenced by the Sith through the fact he trained Count Dooku. So some connection between Student and Master seems to be believed in. It just seems a little rushed, since Yoda has not shown any other evidence that his testimony is unreliable. If he'd made mistakes in the recent past, I'd see what they meant, but he zones out during Ki-Adi Mundi droning on that Dooku might be the apprentice not the Sith Master, and then tells them he's hearing voices, and they've virtually had him committed already.

So what do you really think ? : This is a really interesting story, but to tell the truth, not a lot happens. Yoda hears voices, no one believes him, he escapes, he hears voice, and that's about it. While his vision on Dagobah is interesting, we don't really discover anything new, so it's interesting to watch, it's ultimately pointless.

Final Words : I was really thrown by the voiceover at the start linking this to the last episode, they're separate stories, and the link is tenuous at this point (perhaps we'll see something linking them later into one narrative structure). I really can't understand how that was the first part of a four part story, so I'm going to stick with my thoughts then, that we're onto the final three part story, and that the last episode was stand alone.

Score : 8/10

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