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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 6 Episode 12: Destiny

What is it ? : Yoda and R2 head into deep space to the location that Qui-Gon told Yoda of, where he can receive training on how to keep his personality after death. There they locate a gas cloud which stops their sensors penetrating, so Yoda relies on the force to guide him, discovering a world inside, which has geysersof light erupting from it's surface, which R2 cannot scan, but Yoda feels are made from lifeforce.
Leaving R2 on the surface, Yoda takes the fighter down into the Geyser, emerging in the hollow interior of the planet,where floating islands teeming with plants are dotted around.
Landing on one, Yoda hears his voice being called, and calls out to whoever it is, and he meets five priestesses, who allow him to train because he will later train someone of importance to the galaxy.
Leaping across floating rocks, he reaches another island, and confronts the dark shadow side of himself, which the priestesses inform him is growing because of the war, at first Yoda denies the shadow, which gives it power, but he learns to accept it is a part of him, which allows him to master it.
The priestesses give him a vision where the Jedi are lay dead and dying, and he meets Ahsoka who with her dying breaths asks Yoda if she will become part of the force even though she has left the order. The Priestesses then show him another vision where the Clone Wars never occured, and he is in the Jedi temple, with Dooku, Qui-Gon and others who have passed. Yoda enjoys this vision for a moment,. but denies it as false, and the Dooku becomes a savage Sith Lord as the others fade away before the vision ends as Yoda denies it.
The Priestesses tell Yoda he must travel to the ancient homeworld of the Sith, Moraband, and reveal that they exist only in the living force. Yoda collects R2 from the surface, and sets course for Moraband to complete a final test.

High Points : The episode is beautiful to behold, the interior of the planet is amazing, and the islands floating within are lush and full of life, the shadow version of Yoda is amazingly realised, and even Yoda's visions are both tranquil at times, and violent and chaotic at others. The story is realised perfectly.

The dialogue is interesting, while retaining Yoda's wisdom and dignity, we get to see him discover his shortcomings and become a student for a while, which all strengthens his character.

Low Points : While it feels as if we're getting great revelations here, at the end when you look back, it all feels a little hollow, we're not really learning anything knew, and there's nothing new we're really learning about Yoda's character. A great episode, fantastically realised, but a little empty on review.

So what do you really think ? : An intriguing episode, which offers glimpses at the force which we've never seen before, but frustratingly doesn't give many answers. To sum up the story quickly, is that Yoda must really know himself to keep his personality after death, and that involves accepting all aspects of himself, his dark side that he's always denied, the hopes and dreams he never gives voice to, and his failures which he has never really accepted.
And while it's interesting to see, none of these are particularly insightful. Yoda wishes the war never happened, has a dark side, and feels that he somehow failed in Dooku turning to the Dark Side, and with Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order. All pretty obvious, and all pretty recent. Yoda is nearly 900 years old, but doesn't regret anything further back than 10 years?
I know they're really only showing us stuff from the series (and prequel movies), but it would have been great to see something of Yoda's past, since he's still very much a mystery to us.

Final Words : Still a very enjoyable episode, and definitely one I'd recommend.

Well one to go {then the unfinished episodes}!

Score : 8/10

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