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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Unfiniished Episode 1: A Death on Utapau

What is it ? : When Disney bought LucasFilm, they cancelled production of Clone Wars to make space for their own series, Rebels. For a while season 6 of Clone Wars sat unreleased, although was mainly complete. Disney released the 13 completed episodes as season 6, and later they released the episodes which had dialogue recorded, and rough cinematics set up on Youtube. These uncompleted episodes are considered Canon by Disney, unlike almost everything except the movies which were released before the buyout.

So on with the show . . .

Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent to Utapau to investigate the death of a Jedi that was found there. The Jedi council has no knowledge of why the Jedi, Tu-Anh, was on Utapau, and the authorities are co-operative and as confused with her presence and later death.
Examining the body, they find scuffs on the arms and legs of the clothing, showing the body was dragged or crawled a distance, they also find evidence that the cause of death was neurological damage.
Heading to the site that the body was found, they trace where she was killed, a short distance away, where she had crawled from. The spot is excellent for spying on some offices, and they find a melt hole in one of the office windows, and work out she was shot in the eye with a laser which scrambled her brain, allowing her a few moments to crawl away before dying.
The offices are empty, but interrogating the office supervisor, they discover that he rented it out to some droids, and they discover some slime on the floor. Analysing the slime they discover it is from the Amani, a species recently immigrated to Utapau, and are summoned to see the planets governor. The governor doesn't like the trouble the death of a Jedi has caused, and orders Obi-Wan and Anakin to leave the planet.
Speaking to the Amani, they are told that one of them an outcast from the plains, was known to be involved with some droids, heading into come caves they see MagnaGuards meeting with some Amani, but the MagnaGuards flee on STAP's, and the two Jedi give chase on their winged mounts.
Catching up with the MagnaGuards at an energy plant, they fight, and attempt to capture one of them to interrogate, but it tries to self destruct, but not before Anakin manages to capture some of it's memories on a recording device. Viewing the memories of the meeting, they see that it involved a Sugi, a species known for arms dealing.
Anakin asks Obi-Wan if they are going to leave as ordered, but Obi-Wan informs him that they have received orders from Yoda to keep investigating.

High Points : Ignoring the poor quality of the rendering (remember this is only a very early render, there's no animation on the legs as people walk, so they glide around, there's no smoothing on their bodies, so you can see into their arms when they bend them, and there's no textures, so everything is shiny and smooth), this is a pretty good episode, a pity it was never completed.

The investigation is one of the best we've seen in Clone Wars, actually involving gathering evidence, examining crime scenes, and speaking to suspects and those who know potential suspects. It's like CSI: Utapau, and for a 20 minute long episode is really involved, and doesn't involve any great leaps in logic. In fact the only slight stretch I could see was the jump in logic necessary that such an accurate shot to hit the Jedi in the eye and kill her, could only have been done by a droid, which isn't really what we've witnessed in the past with Battle Droids, etc.

Low Points : Having been brought up on Star Trek, I like my SF with a message, but the only one I could find here was that the problems seemed to be caused by immigrants, but we'll see as the story progresses, because it seems at the moment that the Amani might not be sending their best people to Utapau. . .

So what do you really think ? : This seems as if it could have been a good storyline, and it's a bit of a pity for it not to have been completed, as it seems a lot stronger than some of the stories which were (I'm looking at you Jar-Jar two parter).

Final Words : I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I decided to watch and review the unfinished episodes, and to tell the truth it wasn't that bad. It was like watching the cinematics from a mid 90's video game, and I was fine with that. I wonder if there's any little gems hidden away in the next 7 episodes.

Score : 8/10

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