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Allen Neff (Human Bespin Wing Guard)
Imperial troop transport

Imperial troop transport
The Scythe

The Scythe

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Unfinished Episode 4: The Big Bang

What is it ? : Anakin and Obi-Wan report back to the Jedi council, who don't tell them much but are concerned about Grievous and Dooku getting their hands on such a large Kyber Crystal. They chase down the transport to a large Separatist Supply Ship, fighting their way through it's escort fighters, boarding the Supply ship using their ships escape pods.
Obi-Wan is captured by the Battle Droids, and delays them by talking about legal rights which he should be accorded as a prisoner, until Anakin can rescue him. They reach the Crystal, and are shot at by Battle Droids, whose shots hit the crystal, and are projected back enhanced by it, destroying the Battle Droids. A Spider Droid then attacks, and it's enhanced blasts, cutting a tunnel across the ship, which they use to escape. Reaching the cargo bay, they steal a shuttle, but Obi-Wan sets Tanks to fire laser blasts at the Crystal, which start blowing the ship apart from within.
Their shuttle races through the hangar decks of the supply ship, chased by Grievous in his fighter, as the ship explodes around them, until it detonates, leaving Grievous's fighter floating in space, and wrecking some ships in the Separatist fleet escorting the supply ship.
Returning to Coruscant, they speak to the Jedi council, Yoda tells them of weapons of legend which were powered by kyber crystals.

High Points : The dialogue continues to be excellent, and the banter between Anakin and Obi-Wan is entertaining and fun, but to tell the truth there's not a lot else to commend in this episode.

Low Points : They fight droids in a Separatist capital ship, we've seen this so many times before, there's nothing new here.

And the Battle Droids are back to being incompetent idiots, with Obi-Wan ending up surrounded by piles of their bodies before he is captured. In fact the body count of Battle Droids racked up by Obi-Wan and Anakin must be in the 50-100 region in the 20 minute run time of this episode. I much prefer when the enemies are a credible threat, which the Battle Droids are not as they are portrayed in this episode.

So what do you really think ? : So the story ends not with the Big Bang, as promised by it's title, but a whimper. There's nothing new here, nothing we haven't seen before, and therefore as we watch it for the umpteenth time, it's kind of boring.

Given that, it's fairly well done, the dialogue is well written, and it keeps the action moving, which would have been excellent if the initial concept was a little new.

Final Words : A pity that this ended with such a disappointing episode, the rest of it was pretty good, but the ending means that you're not missing much if you skipped this storyline.

Score : 7/10

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