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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Unfinished Episode 7: On the Wings of Keerdaks

What is it ? : Rex, Anakin and The Bad Bunch are defending the room where they have found Echo, while Tech tries to separate him from the machinery that the Techno-Union has embedded him into.
Wat Tambor tells them that Echo was a legitimate purchase of theirs from the Separatists, and that the neutrality they have protects their purchase. Threatening to send in an Organic Decimator, and testing it on a native while Anakin watches.
They manage to unplug Echo, as they battle numerous Battle Droids, and escape into the cooling vents before the decimator can be unleashed on them, with Echo guiding them through the building, as he has been downloading their records while they've had him plugged into the system. Existing the building, they mount four Keerdaks, the flying beasts of the natives, pursued by the D-Wing droids which can fly.
They return to the native village, who are impressed at them taming Keerdaks, but upset by them bringing the war here. But showing them Echo and his cybernetic modifications, the proud natives agree to fight at the Clones side against the Techno-Union.
A battle ensues, with the heroes defeating easily hordes of D-Wing droids, but having greater problems fighting giant Octuptarra droids, climbing onto them to damage sensors and legs. They win the battle, and the tribesmen praise their bravery, and Rex commends Echo's performance in the fight.

High Points : There's not a huge amount to this episode, what is there is done well enough but there's nothing fantastic to praise that I could find.
If I were to to damn it with faint praise then I'd say that the whole thing is competent, and that's the best I can say.

Low Points : The lack of real content is the main criticism here, with no real flaws apart from nothing much happening.

So what do you really think ? : What's in the episode is fine, but it's a little bit of a chase, and then a little bit of a battle. The sparky dialogue of the earlier parts of the story are gone, there's no real feeling of risk, and Echo seems to have recovered and be acting normally, even though he's been plugged into Techno-Union systems for a few years, he's trustworthy and ready for action, without any tension that they may have turned him, or any tension that he may be traumatised and not reliable.

Final Words : Well, we're one episode away from the very end, I'd like the series to go out on a high, but I've got a feeling it's not going to impress, but not going to disappoint either, it's just going to be okay.

Score : 7.5/10

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