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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 1 Episode 13: Jedi Crash

What is it ? : Another first part of a story, Aayla Secura's ship is under attack and Anakin and Ahsoka come to the rescue aboard their vessel. Evacuating the crew aboard a Republic Frigate, Anakin is wounded, and the frigates hyperdrive malfunctions leading to it crashing on a primitive planet.
Ahsoka and Aayla Secura head to get help, while Rex has to defend Anakin from feral beasts. Ahsoka returns with help, and they get treatment from a pacifist tribe who wants nothing to do with the war.

High Points : The episode starts with a nice set action piece, and the design of the beasts is interesting (sort of Vulture / Hyena hybrids). Although it's brief, the section with Rex defending an unconscious Anakin is interesting, with him comforting the wounded Jedi while trying to keep an eye out for attacks.

Low Points : The philosophy of the tribe that Aayla and Ahsoka ask for help makes little sense, they offer to help but want a hostage in return for sending their healer. The tribes leader lectures Aayla that there's no excuse for war "It takes two sides to fight", ignoring the fact that at that moment Aayla is his hostage, who he's implicitly threatening with violence if his healer isn't returned. To put it simply, you don't take hostages unless you're willing to fight.

Why do they leave Anakin and Rex sitting in a tent outside the crashed Republic Frigate, even if the ship is sitting at a jaunty angle, I still reckon that they'd be safer and more comfortable somewhere aboard the vessel. And if it's dangerous, they'd be safer if their tent was further away. Maybe Rex just likes camping.

And what size do the makers of Clone Wars think these Frigates are anyway, when the basic design was introduced in The Phantom Menace, I figured they were slightly smaller than the Corellian Corvette they resemble. Therefore with a crew of dozens, and room for many passengers and troops. But in this episode among others, it looks like these ships only need 2 crew, and never carry more than a half dozen passengers. They seem to be glorified Star Trek Shuttlecraft, and Anakins ship he stolen in the Clone Wars Movie, seems to be much larger internally, or at least from what we've been shown.

So what do you really think ? : While it competently carries the story forwards, there's not a whole load going on in this episode. It's good enough, but again, we'll wait for the next part to see if the story as a whole is worth while.

Final Words : Rather weirdly, the episodes that nothing much seems to be going on it, seem to be the ones which I notice the most interesting things to do for stats, I've marked down 5 or 6 things from this episode for doing tomorrow.
Maybe because I'm not hooked by the story, I'm more actively looking for things to add to the site, and when I'm really enjoying an episode I'm not paying attention to anything else. Guess we'll see as the series goes on whether that idea holds out.

Score : 6.5/10

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