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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 1 Episode 19: Storm over Ryloth

What is it ? : The Separatists have taken control of Ryloth, and the Republic is sending aid to the besieged world (way back in the first episode, Yoda was asking the Toydarians for their support in helping Ryloth). Anakin and Ahsoka are in command of a 3 ship fleet of Star Destroyers which seem more than a match for the Trade Federation Lucrehulk vessel in orbit, but they are forced to retreat after the Separatist commander brings in support vessels ambushing the Republic forces.
Losing the wing of fighters under her command, Ahsoka takes the defeat to heart, having never been responsible for the deaths of so many soldiers under her command, while the fleet has also lost one destroyer and another is on fire.
Anakin is told that if he can't clear the way for Obi-Wans forces to land on Ryloth, then the liberation of the world will have to be cancelled at least for now. Anakin orders the burning Star Destroyer abandoned, and personally pilots it in a suicide attack on the command ship of the Separatist forces, and with no orders the Separatist forces are easily defeated by the remaining forces and they retrieve Anakin from the escape pod he abandoned the Star Destroyer in.

High Points : The episode is back to space battles, which were always my favourite parts of Star Wars, and although the Republic Fleet flees for a while in the middle of the episode, this is basically one long battle from beginning to end.

The Separatist Captain Mar Tuuk, is an excellent opponent, studying Anakins records to plan around his tactics, and being a calm and brilliant planner. He definitely comes across as one of the better opponents they have faced, a pity he's almost certainly killed in the destruction of his ship.

Low Points : Not a lot bad here at all, there being only one organic being in the entire Separatist fleet seems a little far fetched (when the captain dies there are only battle droids left to command the fleet, and without orders they are easily defeated (so no tactical droids either)).

I found Ahsoka taking the deaths of the pilots under her command a little hard to take as well, as during most episodes they lose countless numbers of Clone Troopers, and she's been in command in those stories too. But given this story seems to sync up with the very first episode, maybe this story happens earlier than the others.

So what do you really think ? : I enjoyed this episode, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's not the most exciting either. The story is nothing to rave about, and there's nothing really new here.

Final Words : Apparently this is the first part of the Ryloth trilogy, so we'll see how the story continues.

Score : 7.5/10

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