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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 1 Episode 20: Innocents of Ryloth

What is it ? : Continuing from the last Episode, Anakin and Ahsoka have cleared the orbital blockade of Ryloth, leaving it open for ground attack by Obi-Wan and Mace Windu and their forces.
However, Anti Aircraft guns are stopping the deployment of AT-TE's and other armour, and they cannot bombard the weapons since the Separatists are using Twilek hostages held around the weapons as a deterrent to attack.
Obi-Wan leads a force of Clone Troopers across the surface to take out the Anti-Aircraft weapons and free the hostages. Scout forces move out, and two Clone Troopers encounter a Twilek child, and must escort her to safety avoiding Separatist forces. Once they return to the main part of the Clone Force through the sewers, the child helps lead them to the Separatist encampment without being seen. The Twilek hostages, including the child's family are freed, and Obi-Wan defeats the Tactical Droid in charge of the army, allowing Republic armour to land.
The two Clone Troopers say goodbye to the child, and discover the name she's been calling them means brothers, which they are pleased to be called.

High Points : It's a good solid episode, plenty of action, good dialogue . . .

Obi Wan: Rex get your best men to scout ahead.

Rex: You two come with me.

Waxer & Boil: Guess that makes us the best then!

The banter between the two Clone Troopers throughout is excellent ("Mission Accomplished, you've made a friend"), and the plot actually makes sense in a tactical fashion.

Clone Troopers are becoming the best characters in this series by far, and it's a real credit that these "identical" soldiers, all voiced by the same actor mainly manage to come across as individual characters.

Wat Tambor is commanding the forces on Ryloth in both the last episode and this, but they're keeping him as a distant menace, having not actually faced him in combat. This makes sense, after all how many armies did Winston Churchill actually personally command during WW2, zero. And builds him as an enemy, without having him run away defeated at the end of each episode.

Low Points : There's nothing really wrong with this episode, just something I want to bring up. In the last episode Shadow over Ryloth, Anakin and Ahsoka pronounced the name of the Twileks as "Twy-Leks". but in this episode, Obi-Wan and the Clone Troopers call them "Twee-Leks". I suppose there could be some confusion across the galaxy, but it would be nice to have it confirmed one way or the other (I personally use the first pronunciation).

So what do you really think ? : Well, I have to admit I got distracted by myself, as I became convinced the character Numa in this episode (who isn't named until almost the end), was actually a young Hera Syndulla from Star Wars: Rebels. The colour matched pretty closely, and the age seemed to match, and I was actually really excited by the concept as I was aware that Hera's father did take part in the Clone Wars. A quick read up, does tell me that Numa actually does appear in the Rebels series, as an aide to Hera's father, which is nice.
But I totally got distracted by the idea that this could be a young version of the Rebels character, and then I got all sad when I found out it wasn't.

Final Words : Well, this trilogy has been pretty darn good so far, we're only a few episodes from the end of the season, but Clone Wars seems to have finally found its feet and is telling some interesting and compelling stories. We'll see if it can avoid fouling up badly over the next couple of episodes.

Score : 8/10

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