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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 2 Episode 20: Death Trap

What is it ? : Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker are resting between battles aboard a Jedi Star Destroyer, when the vessel receives a group of young Clones undergoing training. One of the Clones proves himself exceptional, but reveals himself to the viewer as Boba Fett.
He plants a bomb in Mace Windu's quarters as revenge for the death of his father Jango, but a Clone Trooper delivering items sets off the bomb without harming Mace. The young Boba then sabotages the vessels engines causing everyone to evacuate, and is picked up by Aurra Sing aboard Slave 1, and leaves the other young Clones to die in space.

High Points : The bulk of this episode focuses on the relationship between Clone Troopers and the young Clones, and how Boba fits in comfortably with other Clones, and actually seems to find them like brothers. There's a scene with him showing off for the other young Clones and enjoying their praise, and another scene when he stuns a Clone Trooper rather than killing him. It really builds Boba as interesting and a character you can empathise with, which is fantastic, as Boba has long suffered from being a boring guy in cool armour.

As with many episodes focusing on the Clone Troopers, this is excellent, and throwing Boba into the mix really makes things interesting.

The action within the episode is also excellent, with the sabotaged Star Destroyer being piloted down through the atmosphere by its Captain, Admiral Killan while its hull burns both from atmospheric friction, and with the sabotage done to the vessel. A dramatic and visually impressive scene which absolutely sticks in my memory.

Low Points : The only possible nitpick in this episode, isn't that Mace Windu doesn't detect Boba as meaning him harm when they meet, but that Mace does feel slightly uneasy after that encounter, but totally forgets it once they know there's a saboteur aboard the ship. He doesn't for one second think to himself, "Wait a second, there was something odd about that long haired Clone, maybe we should trust in the force and check that out."
A very minor nitpick in an otherwise fantastic episode.

So what do you really think ? : I really enjoyed this one, a very strong character driven story, without a forced B plot to distract and without needing massive amounts of action. Just good characterisation, good dialogue, and an intriguing look into a massively under-explored character who has been around for over 30 years.

Final Words : It looks as if this is the start of 3 connected episodes leading to the end of this season, fingers crossed that this quality is kept up and that the story carries over as well and we get to see more of Boba and his Clone brothers and whether that bond means anything to him.

Score : 9/10

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