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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 3: Supply Lines

What is it ? : I think it's supposed to be a prequel to the very first episode of Clone Wars, but it's basically a remake with Jar-Jar and Senator Organa.
Ryloth is under siege from the Separatists, and the Republic needs to get supplies there and want to use Toydaria as a staging point, but they're neutral. Senator Organa is sent along with Jar Jar to convince the King to allow aid to be sent to the Twilek people.
Meanwhile a never seen before Jedi with a horny face is helping Cham Syndulla fight the Separatist forces on Ryloth, Cham is losing faith in the Republic, but the brave actions of the Jedi and the fact that supplies to eventually get through restores his faith.
The Trade Federation have also sent a Senator to Toydaria to convince the King that getting involved with the Republic aid efforts will destroy their neutrality, and cause the lucrative Trade Federation contracts with Toydaria to be cancelled when Trade Federation convoys come under attack by the Separatists.
The King officially agrees to not become involved, but secretly allows some aid to be transferred to Ryloth, and mentions that Toydaria may want to cease its neutrality in the future and join the Republic. They keep the transfer of cargo secret by Jar Jar holding a meal for the Trade Federation Senator, which is successful.

High Points : I'm really stuck for anything nice to say about this one, it's a Jar Jar episode, and an almost direct repeat of the very first episode without the action of Yoda fighting droids. Worse, what they've added to the episode is directly stolen from the Ryloth episodes at the end of Season 1.

If my arm was twisted, I'll admit I found Senator Organa very watchable, but I've always liked Jimmy Smits, even though this was just someone else pretending to be him.

Low Points : Come on. Are the writers completely out of ideas? We're in the third season and we're watching stories we've seen before!

And repeating storylines brings us back to a hate of mine. How on earth does no one suspect the Trade Federation of being traitors to the Republic. The Republic sends two members of the Senate to arrange aid efforts, and their opposition is another Senator? Hell, as evidence to the Toydarian King that Ryloth is under siege, the Trade Federation Senator offers up video evidence of a Separatist fleet, headed by a Trade Federation Lucrehulk Droid Control Ship ! !
There must be something the Trade Federation does to maintain the illusion that they're not behind the Separatists, Do they actually destroy their own convoys to provide evidence that they come under attack from the Separatists? I'd love to know, and if they do it seems commercial suicide to be blowing your own fleets up to prove your own neutrality.

I know I've ranted about it before, but it's long been one of the more stupid elements of the Clone Wars in the Star Wars franchise, long before this series started.

So what do you really think ? : While all the parts were competently done, the fact it's basically a remake takes away from all that, since if I'm seeing the same thing it really doesn't matter how well you tell the story. While it's well animated, well voice acted, and the whole thing hangs together well, it gets my lowest mark for a Clone Wars episode yet.

Final Words : A quick scan tells me the next episode is also a prequel to a season 1 episode, hopefully that will actually be a prequel and not just a remake. . . .

Score : 5/10

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