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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 7: Assassin

What is it ? : Anakin and Ahsoka return to Coruscant (presumably after the last episode, but as I'll touch on later in the review it could be just about any time), and Anakin is ordered onto battle almost immediately, but Ahsoka is to remain behind to brief the Jedi Council in more detail and continue with her training.
Ahsoka begins having visions of Aurra Sing (who is believed dead after her ship crashed last season) assassinating someone. Gaining instruction from Yoda on how to obtain clarity about her vision, Ahsoka realises that it's Amidala who's life is being threatened.
Ahsoka warns Amidala, and accompanies her on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan (sorry couldn't resist), where Aurra makes an attempt on Amidala's life, but fails and escapes.
Amidala is due to give another speech later, and uses a droid to communicate her speech, but Aurra tracks her back to her quarters and makes another attempt, but is foiled by Ahsoka and Amidala.
Delivering Aurra back to Coruscant, Yoda helps Ahsoka deduce who hired Aurra, and her and Anakin visit Ziro the Hutt in prison (who was rescued from the prison last season).

High Points : The storyline is done well, with the visions layering on levels of detail as Ahsoka gains control and clarity of her visions, she misses some details (that Aurra is in the air vents for example), but it's interesting to see her calmly meditate in a tense situation to gain insight, a very "Jedi" thing to do.

Ahsoka is the breakout character of the Clone Wars series, far more compelling and interesting than any of the characters carried over from the movies, and having her carry an episode is usually a delight. This episode is no different, Ahsoka is very different than we first met her, she's growing in power and judgement, and in many ways is a far better Jedi (although not more powerful) than Anakin.

Alderaan, apart from the brief section at the end of Revenge of the Sith, this is the first time we've seen Alderaan, but sadly we only see a few rooms inside the palace, which could be anywhere.

Low Points : Okay, as hinted above, either the timeline makes no sense, or it's getting so complicated that I can't make any sense of it. Last season Aurra Sing was involved in a crash and believed dead, so this is after that. But also last season (episode 1 if I remember right), Ziro the Hutt was rescued from prison, so this is before that? Or does he get caught again? What's going on, is this episode before or after season 2?
Usually in television, when something happens, it can be later referred to in future episodes, but Clone Wars slots in stories before other stories, which means that the events of chronologically earlier episodes which were actually made later, mysteriously are never mentioned in events after them (but which were made earlier). An annoying and stupid way to make a series.

From memory, Alderaan is a peaceful planet, and shunned weapons. But there's a lot of guns on the planet in this episode, not only does Aurra Sing smuggle her sniper rifle onto the planet, and the senate guards have weapons, and Amidala's guards have weapons, but even Amidala herself carries a blaster. It's one of the most heavily armed places than shuns weapons I've seen in a long time.

So what do you really think ? : I generally liked this episode, although baffled by where in continuity it fits, the characterisation of Ahsoka was brilliant, and Yoda actually seemed like a wise teacher (instead of preachy and condescending as he appears in the movies when teaching Anakin.

Final Words : I'm willing to forgive a lot for an interesting bit of character growth, even if the plot isn't that interesting, and recommend this one as an example of exemplary character growth.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

06/Dec/2017 19:56:06 Posted by jadawin


I warned you that time continuity in CW was sometimes fuzzy.

That is an example. Same as episode about the christophsis battle since Clone War pilot shows that Ahsoka is made Anakin's padawan after the end of this battle... Just go with the force...


09/Dec/2017 07:26:03 Posted by hellstormer1

Love Aura Sing. Her comic stories were usually pretty good, and though it was a gimmick, I like how they explained her being present in the Old Republic, Galactic Empire, and New Republic eras.

Speaking of comics, there's a lot of great stuff in the Dark Horse comics.....hmm.....

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