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Chapter 4: Meeting Tarfful on Kashyyyk

What is it ? : Arriving back on Kashyyyk, Cal is almost straight away confronted by two bounty hunters from Ordo Eris, defeating them he travels further and the game opens up with Lung Flowers which act as springs allowing Cal to jump higher.
Cal encounters Tarrful who guides him towards the Origin Tree, the massive tree he saw in the distance when he first arrived on Kashyyyk, and gives him a Breather allowing him to travel through new swimming sections where he must dive underwater.
As Cal explores further, he comes under attack from the Ninth Sister, and as he evades her fire, her ship comes under attack itself by a massive flying creature. Cal remembers how to double jump, and encounters the wounded creature which attacked the Ninth Sisters ship, treating it's wound and getting a lift from it to the top of the tree.
There he finds a workbench, but instead of upgrading BD-1, this time it upgrades his lightsaber into a double bladed one. Cal watches as BD-1 plays another hologram of Cordova, who indeed retreived an Astrium from here, which means that it isn't here, although his recording indicates that one is in Kujat's tomb on Dathomir.
As you're about to take the Giant Shyyyo bird back down, the Ninth Sister arrives and you must fight her, she is a tough opponent, and her larger size gives her a longer reach, although Cal manages to win, severing her hand. Which barely seems to bother her, as she informs him she was trained as an Inquisitor to deal with such pain. She tells him that she was once a Jedi, and that she would like to see him tortured and broken, his friends hurt in front of him, but this causes him to lash out and kill her.
The Shyyyo bird is unhurt, and takes Cal back down, and he explores further as he travels back to the Stinger Mantis encountering more bounty hunters, and the Imperial forces who have recaptured the refinery.
Back onboard, Cal shares a meal with Cere and Greez, with Cere tells him a dark shadow came, far worse than any of the others. Cal tells her that the Ninth Sister, who he casually drops in that he defeated, said becoming an Inquisitor was inevitable, but Cere is proof that it is not. . . .

High Points : This is a very pretty level, as you journey up from the planets surface right to the top of the Origin Tree itself (the name makes me wonder if this tree has a certain Rakatan device is at the base of it making it grow so large). The views are quite spectacular, but the highlight of the level must be the battle with the Ninth Sister.
Although the game has been focusing on Trilla, the Second Sister, due to her connection with Cere, the Ninth Sister has perhaps been a more imposing figure, a hulking great alien, wielding the Inquisitions signature spinning Lightsaber.
She has various advantages over you, a longer reach for example, but it's a challenging rather than impossible fight which makes you feel how much you and Cal have learned since the original encounter with the Inquisitors back on Bracca.

Low Points : While I dislike the sliding sections of Fallen Order, which aren't much more than quicktime events just requiring you to stab a button at the right moment, this level contains what I consider the worst part of the game which just adds to the problem with the sliding sections.
As you explore, there are a couple of sections where Cal must clamber across vines as carnivorous plants reach towards him, knocking him down if they touch. This is normally a challenging part of the game, but not frustratingly so, as you just drop back down and have to start again.
But there is one part in particular, where you slide down a surface, and have to time your jump onto a series of Lung Flowers, bouncing you along, and then onto a wall with vines on it and the carnivorous plants. Now this one is more frustrating than the others for two reasons, firstly you path through isn't clear, as you cannot see where you're trying to reach when you land on the vines, so it requires several attempts to discover where you're trying to go. But secondly, if the plants touch you, you fall to your death from the vines, and go back to before the slope, having to negotiate the slide down, the jumps across the Lung plants, and across the vines in one go.
This frustrated me, as I couldn't work out where to go, and after multiple attempts, I was forced to look up an online guide to see where I was supposed to be climbing. With this knowledge it was easy, but the memory remained of the game beating me not by being challenging, but by not imparting critical information.

So what do you really think ? : While there's a lot to like in this level, the annoyance of some of the puzzles means it's one of my least favourite levels, especially considering we're returning to a place we've already been, so there's a bit of a grindy feeling as Kashyyyk overstays it's welcome and I just wanted to move on somewhere new. This is reinforced by the fact that on completing the level, we discover that Cordova took the Astrium from here, so our mission was pointless, and we should have been on Dathomir all along.

Final Words : So having ignored Dathomir, as it has been an option since Bogano, we now discover that it's where we should have been going all along, so on we go . . .

Score : 7/10

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