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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 11: Pursuit of Peace

What is it ? : Following on from the previous episode, the Senate is calling for more Clone Production now they're deregulated the Banks. Amidala is arguing against it, since the Peace Offer from the Separatists is still open, however the Senate is informed that Amidala's friend has been killed and the death blamed on the Republic, so the Separatists have cancelled the offer of a peace treaty.
Looking into the effect borrowing to increase the Clone army would have, they are told the Banking guild has increased it's interest rates to 25%, which will mean that the Republic will need to cancel much of its social programmes to afford it.
Count Dooku hires two Bounty Hunters to disrupt the opposition to the increase in Clone Troopers, and they assault Amidala's Rodian "Uncle" Onaconda Farr, then attempt to kill Amidala in the street before she steals a Speeder bike and escapes. As she recovers she speaks to one of her handmaidens, who tells her the effects that the cutbacks are having on her family. Bail Organa is due to give a speech against the increase in the Army, however the Bounty Hunters attack and injure him meaning he is unable.
Amidala gives the speech in his place, and repeats the effects that the cutbacks are having on ordinary people, so the Senate votes down the increase in the war effort.
Palpatine later frets in his office, that no matter that he is the most powerful man in the entire galaxy, his plans have still been foiled by a single senator.

High Points : Another decent episode, although a little slow, despite an attempt to make it action packed by putting an entertaining speeder bike chase in the middle. The story is fairly solid and I was surprised to see them follow on and add more to this storyline, I had assumed they'd just end it at the previous episode. This means the complaint that the outcome of the storyline last episode being a little obvious is somewhat mitigated because this one adds a twist to it I hadn't expected. Very Enjoyable.

I was going to complain about them using the term Bounty Hunters to describe the hired guns used against Amidala, Organa and Farr. However, it's actually used completely correctly, as although they might be called Assassins, they are being offered money for the assaults and killings, so are very much seeking bounties, and are therefore Bounty Hunters. My initial need to moan was completely unjustified.

Low Points : The senate still doesn't understand peace treaties, they complain about the attack coming after the Separatists offered a peace treaty, saying it shows that it was just a distraction. However, they never actually signed a peace treaty, so as I said in the last review, the Separatists were completely valid in continuing to pursue victory.

One of the major plot elements of this episode, is when Amidala's Handmaiden (I know she calls her an aide, but she's wearing Handmaidens robes from Episode 1) tells Amidala that she's not like other politicians, as Amidala listens to the people. Amidala then proceeds to question the girl to find out information so she can sway the Senate and firm up her argument. Amidala is exactly like most politicians I'm aware of, she talks to the people only when she wants something. The poor Handmaidens family is living in squalor, with water only intermittently (she mentions her children only bathing every couple of weeks) and no electricity (they mention no light to study by, but how they cook isn't mentioned).
Amidala isn't aware a member of her staff, a personal assistant doesn't have water or light? She really doesn't listen to the people around her does she, and I have no idea how low she pays her senatorial staff when they live like this.
A final point on this subject, Coruscant doesn't seem short on power, no matter where they go, there's never a lack of electrical lighting. Or are the power shortages a new development since the destruction of the power generators in the last episode?

I mentioned last episode that after Trade Disputes in the Phantom Menace, the Clone Wars had moved onto Banking Deregulation. Well now on our tour of George Lucas's legal paperwork we've headed into Loan Interest Hikes. Is everyone sure this is supposed to be a series for kids, and not a series for accountants?

During one of the Senate scenes Amidala mentions that not everyone in the Separatist movement wants war, something she knows personally. And some Senators start to shout that she's a Traitor. Then shortly after, she visits the Banking Guild representative, who also sits in the Senate. And he discusses that if the Republic don't want to borrow money, the Separatists happily will, and just have, placing an order for 3 million new battle droids.
If Amidala is being called a Traitor for having friends on worlds which were once part of the Republic and have now joined the Separatist movement. Then why the hell isn't anyone shouting about the Banking Guild openly funding the Separatists against the Republic.
My theory yesterday on how Palpatine may have avoided paying back the Guild's loans by seizing control of them and nationalising the Banks, now seems to have foundations, and looks likely what Palpatine was planning all along.

So what do you really think ? : I liked this one, and there were no Jedi in it, no Clone Troopers, and not a massive amount of action. This is kind of what I expected from the Clone Wars Series, seeing parts of the war we'd not seen before.

Final Words : An enjoyable episode, with an interesting change of pace, I hope we get back to some action soon, I'm getting a little bored with Banking Deregulation and Interest Fees on Loans.

Score : 8.5/10

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