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Steela Gerrera

Steela Gerrera

Sith Empire Personnel carrier

Sith Empire Personnel carrier
Cindel Towani

Cindel Towani

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 13: Monster

What is it ? : Asajj Ventress and the high priestess of the Nightsisters plan to exploit Count Dooku's need for a new assassin, so he is invited to visit Dathomir, where the priestess offers him a Dathomirian male, of the same bloodline as Darth Maul.
Dooku agrees and returns home to Serenno, and the Priestess dispatches Asajj to choose from the best of the Male encampment on the other side of the planet. She summons the males for testing, and as the numbers get whittled down it gets to two Savage Opress and his brother Feral. Savage offers himself to save his brother, and after a duel is selected by Ventress.
She takes him back to the Nightsisters, where they use Dathomirian dark side enchantments to strengthen him, and as a last test of loyalty they get him to kill his brother, which he does without hesitation.
The High Priestess takes Opress to Dooku, who is impressed but sends him straight into battle to test him, where he ends a siege on a small Jedi Temple, killing the master their and his apprentice.

High Points : Although not a lot happens in this episode, it's a vital part of the ongoing storyline and is interesting without having to provide too much action (although obviously they crammed some in for the kids). A really solid and enjoyable episode.

The only particular high point, is the voice of Savage Opress, done by the always magnificent Clancy Brown (Kurgan out of Highlander, Mr Krabs out of Spongebob and out of The Flash, Starship Troopers, and many, many other things.) He's recognisable, and amazing as always. Extra points for Clancy Brown.

Low Points : Although I just gave the character credit for good voice casting, I do have to say "Savage Opress" . . .
I know Rancor, Darth Sidious, and many other names in Star Wars are fairly silly, but this really takes the biscuit, it's really only a step off Darth Badguy.

So what do you really think ? : Like this one a lot, it takes the story onwards in an interesting way, keeps the kiddies entertained with some action, and introduces Savage Opress as a dangerous addition to the universe, and possible opponent for Dooku, if Ventress can maintain control of him. Interesting times are ahead.

Final Words : I know some of what lies ahead (having watched Rebels), and it looks as if things don't go as intended for Ventress, but I've no way of knowing if that happens as part of this storyline or a future one, so this actually edge of my seat stuff, waiting to see what happens next.

Score : 8/10

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