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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 17: Ghosts of Mortis

What is it ? : Stuck on Mortis with a broken ship, Anakin and Obi-Wan discuss their situation while Ahsoka attempts repairs, Anakin decides to speak to the father as leaving the planet after the death of the light side daughter feels wrong to him.
The father guides him to visit a place strong with the Dark Side, and while going their he encounters Qui-Gon's force ghost who urges him to fulfil his destiny. Anakin heads to a volcanic cave and is met by the Dark Side son, who gives him memories of his future as Darth Vader. And offers Anakin a way to avoid this, but teaming up and killing Palpatine. After the son reassures him that this will bring peace to the galaxy and end The Clone Wars, Anakin agrees and turns to the Dark Side.
Obi-Wan arrives and confronts Anakin, but is left without transport in the middle of the volcano, but warns Ahsoka to sabotage the ship before Anakin and the Son can leave the planet, which she does and takes Anakins speeder bike to rescue Obi-Wan.
The son retrieves the dagger from his sisters tomb, and by the time he has returned to Anakin, his father has wiped Anakins memories of his future and turned him back to the lightside. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are all powerless against the powerful Dark Side Son, but the Father takes the dagger and kills himself using it, distracting the Son long enough for Anakin to use his lightsaber to kill the Son.
With all three force wielders dead, the force departs Mortis and the floating crystals drop to the ground smashing, and Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan find themselves back in their ship only moments after they lost contact at the beginning.

High Points : The Mortis trilogy of episodes seems to have reached a point of diminishing returns, while still a decent story it feels like the story is beginning to drag a little rather than fresh and exciting as it was in the first couple of parts. However, it was still a well told and entertaining episode.

Qui Gon returns once more to Mortis, and as last time is amazingly good, his appearance to Anakin is brief, but he makes an impact and the characterisation seems perfect again.

The fact that Anakin turns to the dark side, but returns to the light after having his memories of the future removed seems to support the plot of Knights of the Old Republic, that Darth Revan can become lightside after the Jedi Council removes his memories.

Low Points : While the episode doesn't really have many bad points, the only one that really occurred to me is at the beginning of the episode and Ahsoka is repairing the ship. This isn't something we've seen before, and Anakin is supposedly the mechanic, the guy who built a droid at a very young age, repaired the freighter he crashed in the pilot movie of Clone Wars, has modified his Jedi Starfighter, etc, etc. So why is he sitting around and letting his Padawan do the work when it's important they get off this planet quickly. The only reason that I can see is, so that later in the episode when he turns to the Dark Side, it's Ahsoka who is on the ship and knows how to disable it. Rather sloppy writing, and out of character for Anakin and Ahsoka.

So what do you really think ? : This was pretty good, the longer we spend on Mortis, the less sense it makes and the more questions it raises, but we've finished this story before it got too stale. Definitely a watchable little trilogy, and keeping the high standards we've seen recently in Clone Wars.

Final Words : Back to more normal storylines in the next episode, hopefully the writing and pacing will keep up the standards set by this and the preceding episodes.

Score : 7.5/10

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