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Andor: Season 1: Episode 2: That Would be Me

What is it ? : In the past a young Cassian Andor with his tribe, travel to where they saw the ship crash last episode, as they travel they pass a massive strip mine with abandoned industrial equipment.
In the current time, Andor's contact monitors the alert that has gone out for him for the two guards he killed, looking for a male Kenari, she rushes out, and her boyfriend suspicious from her meeting with Andor follows her.
Andor meets with her in a bar, and her jealous boyfriend having seen the message, angrily contacts the authorities and give them Andors name and location. Meanwhile the contact tells Andor that someone is arriving to buy his stolen tech.
Andor goes home, where an older woman is angry that his details have gone out, and demands to know which of his women has told the authorities he is from Kenari. But he admits it was him that leaked that information, he heads back to the ship where he concealed the tech.
A stranger arrives on Ferrix in his own ship, but uses public transport to travel to the main city to meet with Andor and his contact, but while travelling he talks with a fellow passenger about how things have changed.
In the past, the tribe reach the crashed ship, but as one of them investigates it, she is ambushed by a crew member who shoots her, before being filled with blowdarts by the tribe.
In the current day, the Inspector investigating the deaths recieves the information on Andor, and arranges for a team of troops to accompany him on the arrest, and as they travel to Ferrix he gives a less than inspirational speech. . .

High Points : It continues to sell the world extremely well, and looks fantastic, meanwhile it also continues to be fairly compelling watching.
I'm quite enjoying the inspector trying to catch Andor, as he's inexperienced and fairly useless, without being a fool. And it's entertaining to watch him trying his best, doing what he thinks is right, while not being very good at it. It does feel realistic, and does make him feel like a threat as he might do almost anything without knowing what a bad idea it is.

Low Points : A minor gripe is how British the cast is, firstly Ferrix seems to be mainly the planet of the Scot's, which I personally find a little odd. But also the many recognisable British faces I see is slightly jarring, for example the guy who Stellan Skarsgard speaks to on the public transport is obviously the same guy who played Parker in the Thunderbirds movie (and has also been in Doctor Who), which took me out of the moment. But it's a minor gripe, and they can't use total unknowns for every role, so it's my problem rather than the series.
My major gripe is that nothing really happens. We're two episodes in, and nothing really has happened. It's really watchable nothing, but I'm getting frustrated two episodes in and still not really getting to any plot. The Rebellion is supposedly beginning, but it's taking it's darn time about it.
The main threat in the series is the Preox-Morlana Security Inspection team, and while they're similar to the Empire, we haven't actually seen the Empire yet. It's really quite weird in that it's nice to not have them continually returning to the same opponents again and again, but also annoying that we don't really recognise the opponents and what their capabilities, goals or actions may be. They also feel somewhat less powerful, given we know they are somewhat in fear of the Empire.

So what do you really think ? : Once again, I enjoyed it, but was impatient for it to get on and tell me a story. Everything feels so inconsequential at the moment, perhaps that's just because I'm aware somewhat of what's coming, with Mon Mothma to feature in the series later. So meanwhile, Andor messing around with a minor security force, and doing deals with some other street level people, just feels unimportant.

Final Words : Once again, I wonder if all this set up is why they released 3 episodes together, in that the third will pay off and move things up a gear. Guess I'll find out when I watch it. . . .

Score : 8/10

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