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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 3 Episode 19: Counterattack

What is it ? : Following on directly from the last episode, the groups of Jedi are trying to escape from The Citadel. Ahsoka's and Anakins head through the tunnels beneath the prison, while R2-D2 and his Battle Droid Squad land the shuttle.
R2 is met by a tactical droid which successfully guesses that he's a infiltrator, but makes the mistake of issuing the order to take into captivity to the Battle Droids under R2's control, so he receives an armed escort into the prison.
Ahsoka and Anakin and their Clone Troopers fight some Commando Droids equipped with Energy Shields, and Tarkin expresses dissatisfaction with the Jedi Order, because their moral code holds them back and stops them doing anything necessary to win, to which Anakin expresses some agreement.
Obi-Wan and his men try to take the transport R2 arrived in, but are captured, but as they are being escorted to their cells, R2's Battle Droids take over their escort and free them.
Everyone meets up on the landing pad to leave, however the Commando Droids commandeer heavy weapons and destroy the transport before the heroes can use it, and this leaves them stranded.

High Points : Another good episode, not much to say about it really, the story has a lot of pace, and the action just keeps going. A couple of things I found worthy of note.

One of my favourites, the Commando Droids return this episode, and are as capable as they have often been. However this time they're armed with shields similar to the Gungan Energy Shields from The Phantom Menace. This makes a load of sense, that the enemy should learn from their mistakes and exploit new technologies.

Tarkin and Anakin's conversation about the Jedi and their unwillingness to do whatever is necessary for victory. Remembering that this is the same people who will work shoulder to shoulder aboard the Death Star as Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. This is a wonderful moment, seeing these two very different characters bonding a little. I'm not saying they become friends, but they express similar values, and it's evident how they would work together well in the future.

Low Points : Not a truly low point of the episode, but one which slightly confused me, is the death of the Clone Trooper Echo towards the end of the episode. Now Echo is an Arc Trooper, so a skilled and experienced soldier, however the episode lingers upon his death, and other characters react to it as if it is important. Now, maybe I've just missed him becoming important over the episodes, but to me he was just another Clone Trooper dying, as they do in their masses throughout the series, so the weight given to his death confused me. Especially when mere minutes before, Even Piell had stated that the Clone Troopers were soldiers and all willing to die, and the Prison Warden to test that point had shot a Clone Trooper in the face and killed him. Why is one Clone Troopers death worthy of note, but not anothers? It seemed an odd and ill-placed moment of sentiment, a bit of a shift of tone.

So what do you really think ? : This story is being rather entertaining, and I'm enjoying the action, it's all very Star Wars.

Final Words : My points from yesterdays review still haven't been answered by the storyline, there seems to be nothing special about this Jedi prison, and Ahsoka's disobedience while touched on still hasn't been explained or further commented upon.

Score : 8/10

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