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Tales of the Jedi: Episode 6: Resolve

What is it ? : It is Padme Amidala's funeral, and Bail Organa watches on, spotting a familiar face in the crowd, Ahsoka. Following her to a quiet place just outside the palace overlooking the cliff, they speak and Ahsoka tells him she is here because Padme was her friend. He gives her a communicator, and she slips away just as some guards approach, he tells them he was upset by the funeral and they begin to escort him back. But he speaks to them although his message is really for Ahsoka, saying if they ever need his help to get in touch.
Ahsoka heads down the cliff, where down by the river awaits a Y-Wing fighter manned by Rex.
Sometime later, Ahsoka is working in the fields of a small village under the name Ashla. However the villagers overload the repulsorlift cart carrying the haybales, and it overturns and is going to crush one of the villagers, but Ahsoka uses the force surreptitiously to cause the bales to land around the girl.
The girl later approaches her, and tells her she knows what she did, and it will be their secret, but the girls brother overhears.
The next day the girl takes Ahsoka to help protect her as they go to sell the bales, and the brother says "may the force be with you" to the pair as they leave, making Ahsoka suspicious.
When they return later, they find the village on fire, and an Inquisitor is interrogating the remaining few villagers as to where the Jedi is, and the brother reveals that he contacted the Empire, but the Inquisitor doesn't care and attempts to "reward" the boy by killing him, but Ahsoka rescues him with the Force revealing herself.
The Inquisitor attacks, but Ahsoka easily defeats him with his own Lightsaber, decapitating him. And tells the villagers they will need to leave.
Later a Corellian Corvette arrives, and Ahsoka has contacted Bail, he expresses doubt that she would contact him after all these years, but she tells him she is ready to rejoin the fight. . . .

High Points : Another fantastic episode filling in a gap in the story, as we see the gap closed between the end of The Clone Wars series, where Ahsoka goes on the run from the Empire, to the beginning of Rebels, where she is working covertly for Bail Organa.
It also remains wonderful how the various animated series show the different power levels between Force Users. So the Inquisitor who attacks the village is incredibly powerful compared to the villagers, however he is easily defeated by a veteran of the Clone Wars like Ahsoka.

Low Points : Now on my original watch through I thought the village in this episode was the same one from the earlier episode, Justice. As the repulsorlift cart seems the same, as do some of the droids helping, and I thought it would be an interesting loop to show how the village had been vastly improved by the visit of supposedly evil Count Dooku, but then destroyed due to the visit of supposedly good Ahsoka.
But I'm not sure as the terrain seems vastly different (fields of wheat or corn here, compared to the ruined forests of Justice), and there are no shared characters we can see, apart possibly for the droids. So probably just reused rendering assets.

So what do you really think ? : A lovely end to Tales of the Jedi, and even though there was a fight, the episode generally feels quiet, leading to a gentle conclusion to the series, much like the storyline itself, a lull between the excitement of The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Final Words : So, Tales of the Jedi has been fantastic.
The Dooku arc was amazing, totally fleshing out Dooku, and providing context for us to understand this character allowing us to reappraise everything we thought we knew.
And while the first two Ahsoka episodes, about her being born, and training under Anakin are watchable enough, this final one is brilliant as it closes the loop between two awesome Star Wars animated series. The Ashoka episodes would have been improved if there was an overarching story between all three, like the slow fall of Dooku through his, but instead these are unrelated Ahsoka stories.
I'll be interested if Tales of the Jedi gets a second season, as it could be a wonderful way of continuing to fill in the gaps, but I'm not sure if there are many "Jedi" stories needing more information, so perhaps this should remain a one off series. . .

Score : 9.5/10

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