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Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2 Episode 1: Spoils of War

What is it ? : We pick up with the Bad Batch running along a beach pursued by giant crab like creatures, as Wrecker carries a large container. The crabs shells resist blaster fire, and Tech and Omega come to the rescue in the Havok Marauder.
When they get back to Ord Mantell, we see that Azi-3 is now working as a bartender for Cid, and she is unhappy they are late, a unknown human gets Wrecker to carry the container for her. Cid puts forward a plan that they should raid Serenno. After the death of Count Dooku the Empire has captured the planet and is transporting the wealth of Dooku and the Confederation to their own vaults. If the Bad Batch could steal even a small amount of it they would be set for life. Hunter isn't keen on the idea, saying that it puts them in the crosshairs of the Empire when they've so far avoided it since Kamino. But Cid convinces the rest of the team that it would help them in their activities against the Empire, so the team votes against Hunter.
Arriving at Serenno, they infiltrate the shipping yard, where massive Cargo vessels are carrying away the treasure of the Confederacy, among the devastation of the flattened capital city.
They are in the middle of looting one container when they are spotted and a alert is issued, sealing Omega, Echo and Tech inside the container as the ship it is connected to launches. Wrecker and Hunter attempt a rescue, but are pursued by Stormtroopers, ending up in a firefight in Dooku's throne room.
Those aboard the transport attempt to exit on an escape pod, but the Imperial commander realises what they are doing so jettisons all the pods. But Omega remembers the training the Batch have been giving her on Imperial Ships, remembering that the Cargo Containers themselves have survival systems when separated from a ship, so they board one and jettison the containers. Meanwhile Hunter and Wrecker discover a concealed lift leading from Dooku's throne room, and exit down it. . . .

High Points : The element that most impressed me in this episode was the logical steps that both sides take on board the cargo vessel. To get off the ship the three members of the Batch decide to use Escape Pods, realising this the Empire Jettisons these, making the Batch come up with a new plan. I really like it when opponents are clever, so it makes the heroes think for a change.
Apart from that, we're back into the series and it's absolutely fine, no major problems, no major improvements, it's not overly exciting, but quite watchable.

Low Points : A moment which annoyed me is the meeting in Cid's chambers when they return from their initial mission. Sitting in the room is a female human who knows about the Batch, but when Hunter is concerned about their identities being leaked, Cid reassures him that it will be fine. Hunter asks who the female is, but she refuses to answer.
And that's kind of the end of that. The Batch have every right to be concerned at Cid telling people who they are, since their mere location is worth money in bounties. I thought for a moment that the episode was going to show off Tech's abilities, and have him reveal who the female is (as he's super smart and usually is a few steps ahead of the others), but sadly not. I can only guess this is something they'll return to.

So what do you really think ? : It's absolutely fine, although I was slightly annoyed at the episode not being self contained. I wanted to see the whole story and was left handing. But this cliffhanger didn't feel earned, and the story didn't feel it needed a second part.

Final Words : It remains to be seem if this season is mainly self contained stories, or whether they are all going to lead into one another like these first two. But I really just want small action packed episodes, without needing yet more overarching plotlines, since we've already got the Kaminoan scientists, Crosshair, Rex, and everything else left hanging from the last season.

Score : 8.5/10

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