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Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2 Episode 3:The Solitary Clone

What is it ? : This episode follows Crosshair, he has recovered from his abandonment on Kamino, but has yet to return to duty. He sits alone in the canteen as other Clones move away from him, and we hear background chatter as they are concerned they are being replaced. He is summoned by Admiral Rampart, who gives him a mission to Desix, an independent world which when annexed by the Empire took their new governor prisoner, Crosshair is to rescue him and remove the current leadership. Crosshair asks who he'll be in charge of, and is told that he isn't trusted to command troops anymore, so will be under the command of Commander Cody.
As they arrive on Desix, the planets leader orders their reprogrammed Battle Droids to open fire on their shuttle, and it crashes. Crosshair, Cody and some survivors battle their way into the city, and determine the Battle Droids are under the control of a Tactical Droid, so plan to eliminate it, Crosshair is wounded, but using reflectors, Cody gets him a shot on the Tactical Droid.
The leader of Desix emerges holding the Imperial Governor at gunpoint, and Cody negotiates for his freedom, they agree to not start another war, as Desix was caught up in the Clone Wars against it's will, and the Governor is freed.
However he orders Cody to kill Desix's Leader, which he refuses to do as he just agreed to a peace, but Crosshair guns her down. As more Clone Troopers arrive on a Acclamator Cruiser, they see the people of Desix rounded up.
Back on Coruscant, Cody looks at a memorial of all the Clone Troopers killed in the war, and wonders if they are on the right side. Crosshair's routine starts again, with him sitting alone once again in the canteen, and being summoned by Admiral Rampart, who reveals that Cody has deserted. . .

High Points : A really solid episode, getting back to the storyline of season one, and building the character of Crosshair. It's great to see Cody back, although I thought he remained loyal to the Empire, although can't think of any references to him in this time period beyond a couple of words here and there in Rebels.
It's also a lot of fun to see Battle Droids back in action, we're really in Clone Wars territory here and it feels comfortable.

Low Points : I'm concerned they're repeating the storyline of Tamara Ryvora in Star Wars Resistance, where she was a solid member of the First Order until redeemed at the last moment. Crosshair is loyal to the Empire, and part of what makes the Empire interesting is the way it insidiously appears to be serving the good, so those that work for it can truly believe they're doing the best for the galaxy.
So Crosshair helping bring peace and stability to the galaxy by working for the Empire makes sense, and makes him a more understandable villain, rather than a stereotype. But redeeming him, just makes him the same as all the other Rebels, just one who took longer to turn.

So what do you really think ? : I really enjoyed this episode, there was plenty going on, we got reintroduced to Cody, and had some solid character moments from Crosshair, best episode this season so far.

Final Words : From the trailers we know Rex contacts the Bad Batch for a special mission, which now looks like it'll be to help Cody. But since he disappears after this time period, I can only wonder if this isn't going to be a completely successful rescue mission and won't end well for Commander Cody.

Score : 9/10

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