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Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2 Episode 9: The Crossing

What is it ? : The Bad Batch have been dispatched to a ipsium mine that Cid has purchased to retrieve samples of the ipsium, an explosive ore. They land nearby and access the mine, with Hunter and Tech entering to get the sample, which Omega and Wrecker remain outside on watch.
While they get the sample, the Havok Marauder is stolen as it's landing site is out of view of the mine. Meaning the Batch are marooned and must make their way by foot to the nearest settlement. As they walk they see a storm incoming, and are stampeded by a horde of beasts running from the oncoming storm, so they take shelter in another mine they spot, but the ore is dropped outside and the storm causes it to explode, sealing them in the mine.
As Hunter and Wrecker attempt to clear the debris to allow them to exit, Omega and Tech search further into the mine, locating more ore which they decide they could use to blow their way out, however they fall into a chasm after getting the ore, and are washed into a chamber far away. Hunter and Wrecker retrieve their equipment, and follow.
During the wait, Tech and Omega clear the air, as she thinks he doesn't care about Echo leaving the group, but he reveals that he does care, but the decisions of Echo and Crosshair while not what he wanted must be respected.
When the other two arrive, they use the ore to blow themselves an exit and complete the journey to the settlement, which they find to be abandoned. Tech repairs the communications equipment there, and they call for help from Cid. Cid tells them she can't help, until Tech reminds her of all the occasions that without pay they have helped her, so she tells them to wait a couple of days and she will see what she can do. Without sufficient supplies they look to the horizon where another massive storm is incoming. . . .

High Points : I've made no secret that I think Tech is the best character in the show, and here he shines. When Wrecker complains about being used as the packhorse of the group, Tech takes his load without complaint, when Hunter shows no leadership of the group, Tech takes responsibility for helping Omega come to terms with Echo leaving. He reminds Cid of her responsibilities to the group, he shows the trust he has in Omega. And in so many other ways he shows intelligence (of course), wisdom and leadership none of the other clones seem to be able to provide.

Low Points : This episode seems to be mainly about the group adjusting to life without Echo, as Omega loses one of her parental figures, as the others struggle to rearrange their group dynamic without him. But this makes little sense, as Tech points out to Omega, the team existed before Echo joined it, and has had to adjust to changes before, as the loss of Crosshair was probably more significant to them. Crosshair was truly their brother, as they were raised and trained together, whereas Echo is more like a cousin, still family, but one you met later.
Omega being upset is understandable, but the rest of the team being out of sorts isn't, as the only excuse I can think of is that they are all pretty much children, as they were force grown, so appear to be adult, but actually only being a few years older than Omega.

So what do you really think ? : It's an okay episode, where the characters don't act in a very sensible fashion (why set out for the settlement when there is a storm incoming (just shelter it out in the mine, which even has a door). Why worry about rations when they find the settlement abandoned, you've got weapons, and you saw a massive herd of animals previously, so hunting (especially with a "leader" with amazing senses who is literally called Hunter) shouldn't be a problem.

Final Words : I did honestly like that Tech brought up the subject of Crosshair, as while the Echo being gone is the loss of a friend, Crosshair was their brother, someone they trusted with their lives without thinking, so his betrayal is so much more and must have shaken the batch to it's core (could they still really rely on each other). Even though Tech has said in the past that he understood Crosshairs decision, he didn't agree with it, and while they often try to portray his as being emotionless (Spock has a lot to answer for), he isn't, so watching him struggle in his own way was a stand out moment.
We all deal with loss in our own ways, and seeing the most rational character in the series verbalise his own struggles was one of the better moments the series has had to offer, even though it was far too short.

Score : 8.5/10

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