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Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 2 Episode 14: Tipping Point

What is it ? : Clone Captain Howzer, last seen on Ryloth, and some other Clone Troopers are prisoners and being loaded onto a transport ship under the supervisor of a Clone Commando and some Stormtroopers. As the ship heads into space it is attacked and disabled by a vessel commanded by Echo, they board it and manage to rescue the Clone Prisoners, but before they can capture the bridge the crew begins deleting data from the ships computers including its destination, and the captain commits suicide using the same method as the Clone Sniper some episodes ago.
A Venator Star Destroyer comes to the aid of the vessel, and Echo and his team flee having only recovered some small amount of encrypted records.
On Tantiss Crosshair is taken for interrogation, and takes note of the number of clones emprisoned there before an interrogator droid is used on him.
On Coruscant, Echo is briefing Senator Chuchi, requesting permission to get help decrypting the data they recovered.
Back on Tantiss, Crosshair appears to have passed out and the supervising technician gives him an injection, saying that they must discontinue the interrogation temporarily as he will reveal nothing if he dies. But Crosshair grabs a blaster from one of the guards and escapes from the cell. He fights his way to a control room and using id he has taken from the technician he activates a communication dish on the surface.
Royce Hemlock is informed of the situation and has gas pumped into the room which knocks Crosshair out, gas which Hemlock himself is immune to.
On Pabu the batch are helping out the reconstruction, with Wrecker having just caught a massive fish for dinner, and Tech and Omega training aboard the Havok Marauder. They detect an incoming ship, and Omega is excited as she is aware that it is Echo arriving, and the two ships race to the landing area.
Tech begins the process of decoding the data, while the others catch Echo up on the situation with Cid and on Pabu, which looks to be a good place for them to be setting up home.
On Tantiss, Hemlock receives a holotransmission from Tarkin, who comments that Clones are becoming increasingly disobedient, and Hemlock offers a way of reconditioning them rather than just disposing of them, something Tarkin wants to hear a full briefing on.
Tech has finished decoding the data, and reveals that the Clones were being transported to the Advanced Science Division, headed by Royce Hemlock, who is known to have been dismissed from Republic service due to unauthorized and unorthodox experiments. The data also contains the information that Crosshair has been taken by the division, and Wrecker is surprised that he turned on the Empire.
Tech has scanned their old frequencies and found the transmission Crosshair sent, which says "Plan 88. The Seeker.", revealing that they are being hunted. Tech thinks this is a warning, but Hunter is concerned that it is another trap being set by Crosshair.
Meanwhile on Tantiss, Crosshair is strapped to the table in the interrogation cell once more, while the droid injects him and Hemlock looks on. . . .

High Points : While nothing major happens in this episode, it's obviously putting the pieces in place for the season finale, as there are only 2 episodes to go. It's enjoyable enough, and the script is fast moving and entertaining, but it does feel like a lot of small things are occurring just to set things up for later.

Low Points : So it's a minor point, but one that I find odd. But when Tech discovers that Crosshair is a prisoner, he checks their comm channels and finds the "recent" transmission from Crosshair. So, can you see the history of all comm channels? Or more likely, is the Havok Marauder recording all of their comm channels, and Tech was checking the logs. And if that is so, why didn't the ship inform them that a message had been received? My phone does that, so why doesn't Star Wars Technology.
A possible excuse is that the comm channels have been flooded by the Empire with commands for Clones to return to base, and they've turned notifications off (especially as Cid is repeated calling them ordering them back to her as well.)

So what do you really think ? : It's an okay episode and one which is important to the storyline of the season, but it's a lot of little stories rather than anything important, amounting to, "The Bad Batch discover Crosshair is now a prisoner."

Final Words : Well with the pieces almost in place, I guess the next two episodes are the set up, and the possible rescue of Crosshair. Although I don't put it beyond the series to leave it on a cliffhanger with Omega ending up a prisoner in Mount Tantiss. But we shall see.

Score : 8.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

26/Mar/2023 18:35:55 Posted by princedarkstorm

I personally would enjoy seeing sourcebooks done by the RPGGAMER crowd on Bad Batch , Clone Wars , Marvel Comics and others like what you did on the Solo Movie . I think I made that comment before .

27/Mar/2023 21:57:23 Posted by GMOverkill

Totally agree with princedarkstorm. It would be wonderful.

Friendly greetings,

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