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Star Wars: Visions: Season 2: Episode 1: Sith

What is it ? : A droid awakens a young woman who has a cybernetic arm, she attempts to create art but it keeps getting overwhelmed by darkness. One of the beacons around where she is staying has failed, and she comments that it is probably another meteorite, so she heads out to discover what has happened.
At the beacon she discovers that it wasn't a meteorite, but instead three dark figures await her, the leader of which confronts her about a promise she made, but she says she isn't a Sith any more.
The fight and after defeating two of them with the help of her droid which has built in weaponry. She retreats back to her home, where the Sith observes her art, commenting that she gave this up instead of becoming a Sith Master. She ignites her lightsaber, a curved yellow blade, but she is outmatched. Retreating once more she encounters he art supplies, and the blackness in the paint becomes colour once more, and she ignites a second straight red blade from the base of her lightsaber. She kills the Sith, and he tells her with his last breath that she is now a Sith Master.
She heads down to a hangar, and leaves the planet mentioning to her droid that she couldn't cast the darkness out, but she could come to accept the two sides of herself. . .

High Points : It's always difficult to discuss these episodes, as they're telling an entire tale in just 10 minutes or so, and we don't get time for character building and much storytelling, instead mainly getting some action.
And the action is done well, we get to see a lightsaber type we've never seen before, where it has two blades of different colour, and indeed shape, and it's a pretty good way of showing the two sides of the main characters personality, the dark side and the light.

Low Points : However, this episode feels very self indulgent to me, with the whole concept being about an artist and their art. Showing us that they can't create anything but darkness until they grow to accept themselves.
But this just seems to be an artist telling us how important art is, rather than telling us any kind of tale of growth, the main character doesn't learn anything or make any real discoveries, just having a revelation when the story needs it.

So what do you really think ? : I wasn't impressed by this one at all, while every episode of Season 1 had something interesting about it, even they weren't all absolute gems, you could see the creators were trying to do something new, and that could be apreciated.
This episode is fine, but definitely not one I could really recommend.

Final Words : Season one started with an episode which wasn't fantastic, but was something we'd never seen before. Startling and interesting, whereas this one has some nice animation, but we're just getting a Sith Apprentice defeating some other Sith because she wants to be an artist.

Score : 6/10

Comments made about this Article!

07/May/2023 05:02:02 Posted by

I was skeptical about Visions at first. But I got to watch the first season. Definitely different from all the other SW media I've seen. I especially liked The Ninth Jedi and Lop & Ocho, followed by The Village Bride, The Ronin, and that episode featuring the Master and Padawan facing off against the old Sith. The rest were okay, but I didn't care for the one with the music band. I feel that the ones I liked were worthy of continuing as new series.

As for this episode of Season 2, it was okay. I was expecting more, but I think they focused too much on the "being an artist" angle. I also think they focused on the Picasso-style painting going on in the background. The two kept me from enjoying this episode more.

07/May/2023 07:39:56 Posted by Freddy

I've now watched the first 3 (I'm trying to not watch them all so my review each day is still a pretty fresh opinion), and I'm not too impressed. They're nicely enough done, but very lacking on the storytelling.
Some of the first season managed to pack a lot of story into their 10-15 minutes, whereas so far these just seem to be an encounter, leaving you guessing at the rest.
Comparing this one to Ronin, The Village Bride, or Lop and Ocho, they took us on a journey with the characters where they really learned something about themselves and although it was short we saw into their entire universe. This is just a lightsaber fight with a kind of moral tacked on.
Fingers crossed I find some gems later in the season.

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