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Star Wars: Visions: Season 2: Episode 3: In the Stars

What is it ? : Two sisters are all that remains of the population of a planet, one uses the last of her clean water to paint their story on a rock, the painting animates telling the tale of how the Empire came and polluted the world. But the painting fades, her sister tells her that the painting fades unless it is in starlight, and the clouds of pollution block the stars which they believe are the spirits of their people who died, including their mother.
Sharing the last of her own water, the older sister plans to break into the Imperial compound to get some more, telling her little sister to remain behind, although she follows.
Inside the compound they are spotted, and have to flee towards an exit while Snowtroopers hunt them down, but the younger sister spots a massive container of water she intends to sabotage, so goes back, followed by her older sister. They are caught and confronted by the Imperial overseer, who orders them put to death, but they use the force to pull down the container of water washing everything in the compound away, and sending fresh water into the seas again, clearing away the pollution.
Returning to the painted rock, the starlight is visible and the rock comes to life with generations of paintings, as the two sisters look up at the largest star they believe to be their mother.

High Points : The action is well done, and the Empire is suitably villainous. So the episode goes past quickly and tells it's story well.

Low Points : But as you can probably tell from the extremely brief summary above, there's not a lot of story to tell. And while an environmental story about the Empire exploiting and destroying all life on a planet is an interesting one, the fact that it all seems to be undone by spilling out a few thousand gallons of water, which seems to cleanse the entire planet and destroy everything the Empire has build here.
In reality it's just not enough water to make any kind of environmental impact, and the Empire would just be a little wet.

So what do you really think ? : Despite the ending, I enjoyed this one. But found myself wondering if Art is going to be the main theme of this season, as it's now been at the heart of two episodes?

Final Words : Not much more to say about this one, as there just isn't much to it. I found it weird that the soldiers used by the Empire were Snowtroopers, when the planet itself didn't seem particularly snowy. But perhaps instead of Snowtroopers, they were Hostile Environment Troopers or the like since the Empire had polluted the atmosphere so much (but the Imperial officer goes unmasked, so that kind of puts an end to that idea).

Score : 8/10

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