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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 2: Gungan Attack

What is it ? : With the Mon Calamari homeworld under Separatist control, and Anakin, Ahsoka, Kit Fisto, Amidala, Captain Ackbar and the Mon Calamari Prince all in hiding in caves on the sea floor. They call for reinforcements from the Jedi Council, however communication is cut before they can be informed how the Republic will send help. The Jedi Council decides that re-equipping more republic forces for underwater combat will take too long, so they must call on an aquatic species with a standing army to help, and decide on the Gungans. Since Amidala is involved, the Gungans agree as she has never hesitated on helping them.
Back on Mon Calamari, those in hiding decide that fleeing the planet for temporary refuge until Republic forces can be organised to retake the planet, and they head for the Republic Transport they left hovering over the ocean surface. However the Separatists have sabotaged it, and as they approach it explodes, leaving them dodging both fragments of the ship but also fire as aqua droids attack.
They ride the fragments of the vessel to the sea floor, and witness the Mon Calamari people being shepherded into work camps, and decide to free the people. As their forces are overwhelmed as the Separatist leadership has been waiting for such an attack, the Gungans arrive and change balance of the battle. However, the Separatists use their trident vessels to create whirlpools which cause the Mon Calamari and Gungan forces to lose their orientation and be captured. Leaving only Ahsoka and the Gungan Prince Lee Char free.

High Points : The animation this series is definitely better than previous seasons, and although I remain skeptical of some of the design choices the show does look a lot prettier than it has in the past. The story-line continues to be interesting, although the dialogue and characterisation are nothing to write home about.
However the thing I was most impressed about in this episode was the non-obvious nature of the story. After the Gungans are chosen to aid the Mon Calamari, I figured that this was the end of this story, that the lovable Gungans would come to the rescue, and they'd prove that the Separatists were bad people and Mon Calamari would be saved. However I never foresaw that the Gungans would just be captured as well, and that things would actually get worse, with the Jedi and Republic forces all in captivity at the end of the episode. It's surprising and interesting, something which makes the well presented episode into something really interesting.

Low Points : I hope they're building into a storyline here, as it was pointed out last episode that the Quarren respected and quite liked the old King, and they're now completely under the rule of Dooku and his separatist forces. How the Separatists manage to win over new supporters I don't know, when they so often betray them and force their new allies into virtual slavery. If the Quarren don't start betraying the CIS and helping their old allies I'll be very disappointed.

So what do you really think ? : I quite enjoyed this episode, the twist made it more interesting even if the writing isn't quite to the standard it seemed to be reaching in the tail end of last season.

Final Words : When the first two episodes were broadcast back to back originally, I'd assumed it was a two parter, and therefore assumed when the Gungans were arriving that they were there to help finish the storyline. It's lovely that the writers subverted that expectation, and I'm looking forwards to seeing this story finish off.

Score : 7.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

24/Jan/2018 06:43:54 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

This was a HORRIBLE episode. The entire episode they pretty much forgot that even if its dark underwater, an episode that is to dark to have any idea what is going on is not at all any fun. Whatever entertainment value it might have had was lost in straining to try and everything in the darkness

I did actually kinda like the scenes with the Gungans I admit, and Jar-Jar pretending not to hear Anakin fishing for praise was actually kind of amusing, but overall . . . gleh!

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