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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 8: Attack of the Training Droids

What is it ? : The Young Jedi are practicing against droids in the training arena of the Jedi Temple on Tenoo while Yoda and Master Zanna watch on. The two masters must leave on business and ask the Young Jedi to tidy the arena while they are gone.
However Kai has the idea to reprogram the training droids to do the job for them, however when they are released they tidy the arena but go on to try to tidy everything causing chaos around the Jedi Temple as they snatch items from people to tidy them away and stack books into large columns.
The Young Jedi try to stop the droids, but call on Nash Durango for help and she tells them how to deactivate the droids. They manage to deactivate the droids by making a mess on purpose to distract the droids who are about to move onto tidying the town, returning them to the training arena.
However Yoda and Master Zanna return in time to see the mess remaining, so the Young Jedi must tidy by hand. But when they finish Yoda congratulates them and joins them by showing them how to defeat the training droids by using patience. . .

High Points : It's a bit of an obvious one, with the reprogrammed droids causing more mess than they tidy because this episodes message is that you shouldn't cut corners. But there are some fun moments as the droids tidy peoples plates while they're still eating, and struggle to tidy a sleeping child's blankets while she's using them.

Low Points : The above does pose a question though, who's watching the kids at the temple while the two Jedi masters have nipped out? And why is one child in bed during the day?

So what do you really think ? : It's a fun little episode, a bit preachy and a bit obvious, but with some entertaining moments and it kind of rushes by without overstaying it's welcome.

Final Words : While not excelling, this is perhaps the ideal format for a Young Jedi Adventures episode, it gets its message across, doesn't bore or drag. It seems perfect for a young kid who might get distracted easily.

Score : 7.5/10

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