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Ahsoka: Part Two: Toil and Trouble

What is it ? : Sabine awakens in a hospital, disappointed that she lost the sphere map. Speaking with Ahsoka and a hologram of Hera, she tells them the droids destroyed all recordings of the map, but they realise that one of the Droids was disabled at the tower so they could access it's memories.
Meanwhile in a stone circle, Baylan Skoll and his apprentice, Shin Hati place the orb on a pillar which is slots into perfectly so they contact Morgan Elsbeth to let her know they've got the orb and have the right place to use it.
Ahsoka goes to the communications tower and finds Sabines recording of Ezra, and gets attacked by the droid which has reactivated, decapitating it and returning the head to the Hospital.
Sabine activates the head which almost overloads and discovers that the droid came from the shipyards at Corellia, and Hera and Ahsoka agree to meet there.
Elsbeth activates the sphere showing a galaxy map with a path leading to another Galaxy. The three discuss how they'll need powerful hyperdrive to get there. so send Shin Hati to Corellia to get the final Hyperdrive they need.
Hera and Ahsoka meet with the businessman who runs the shipyards, Myn Weaver, and ask him about the shipyards that Elsbeth used to own, and he tells them they are stripping down Imperial Star Destroyers and repurposing the parts for the Republic fleet. Although he is resistant to allow them to examine the operations, Hera uses her rank to force the issue, and he takes them to the operations centre. They see the massive Hyperdrive from a Star Destroyer about to be shipped out, and point out that the Republic isn't building anything which would use such a large drive asking him where it is going.
He looks at the records and tells them that it is classified. Pressing their questions further and asking about the Assassin droids, which a protocol droid informs them that it has seen. Operators around them pull weapons, and shout support for the Empire as they attack. They fight them off, but the transport with the Hyperdrive is preparing to leave, so Hera heads for her ship, and Ahsoka attempts to reach the vessel before it leaves, but is intercepted by a lightsaber wielding person accompanied by Shin Hati.
The transport launches, and as Hera calls for it to return to dock it opens fire on the Phantom II, so she gets Chopper to throw a tracking beacon onto it's hull before it flees into Hyperspace.
Back on Lothal, Sabine speaks with Huyang and decides to return to her training as a Jedi, donning her Mandalorian Armour.
Hera and Ahsoka speak, as the Republic arrests those at the shipyard, and Ahsoka heads back to Lothal to collect Sabine, in a recreation of the final scene of Rebels.
We finally see a giant ring structure in space, and the transport arrives and begins loading it's hyperdrive aboard the structure which we discover is called The Eye of Sion. . . .

High Points : The series remains to have sparky dialogue, great action, wonderful acting and fantastic effects.
The scenes at the shipyards were great, I really liked Myn Weaver, a character who doesn't care about the Republic or Empire, he just cares about profits. It's all very well having high political ideals, but the insidious nature of the Empire was always that it didn't effect peoples lives very much, so it's hard to be bothered about who is controlling things on Coruscant when it makes little difference wherever you are.

Low Points : While I'm starting to get used to the characterisation, it's still bothering me to see these characters acting in a totally different way to what has been established before. Sabine is stroppy rather than rebellious and independent. Ahsoka is sullen and serious, rather than positive and tenacious. And Hera is closer than the others, but she isn't the caring figure she was throughout Rebels.
I'm also still annoyed that everything to find Ezra and Thrawn who have only been missing for a decade or so, is apparently ancient, which makes no sense.
And there's so many force users in this, as we're up to 4 on the bad guys side, with the Nightsister, an ex-Jedi, his apprentice, and her sidekick (who I forgot to mention uses an Inquisitors spinning lightsaber).

So what do you really think ? : Another episode which I enjoyed, which has a plot which I'm intrigued by, and has enough going on that it keeps my attention. But even putting the characterisation aside, I'm having difficulty rooting for these characters. They're definitely not coming across as a bunch of people who have fought at each others shoulders through the Galactic Civil War, who know and trust one another, and would die for one another.

That said, David Tennant remains brilliant as Huyang.

Final Words : So, the Eye of Sion? Is it a hyperdrive ring like we've seen before in Star Wars, and we'll get a Star Destroyer docking to it to travel further than normal? Or is it a Stargate? I'd much prefer the former as it makes more sense in universe. But we shall see.

Score : 7.5/10

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