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Ahsoka: Part Three: Time to Fly

What is it ? : Ahsoka and Sabine are training aboard the ship, even trying the helmet with blast shield down technique, and Sabine does badly. Afterwards Huyang and Ahsoka speak, and Ahsoka says that she isn't trying to get Sabine to find how to be a Jedi, she's trying to get her to find herself. In the eating area, Sabine tries to move a cup using the force, but fails as she has never felt the force.
Meanwhile Hera has a meeting with a hologram version of the Republic Council, asking for help tracking down Thrawn, but they refuse. Afterwards she meets Jacen in a corridor.
Hera tells Ahsoka, Sabine and Huyang that she can't help them as the Republic doesn't believe that Ezra or Thrawn are still alive.
Arriving in the system where they tracked the transport, Seatos, they detect something large in orbit around the planet and as they approach they come under attack by starfighters manned by Shin Hati, Marrok and some droids. They destroy some of the fighters as they get close to the construction in orbit which Huyang thinks is a Hyperspace Ring drive, but one larger and more powerful than he has ever seen even if it isn't finished yet.
The ring however is armed, and Morgan Elsbeth commanding it orders it to fire on Ahsoka's ship, damaging and disabling it. The starfighters close to attack the floating ship, so while Sabine makes quick repairs, Ahsoka goes outside in a spacesuit to parry the attacks with her lightsabers.
They power the ship up again, and attempt to hide in the atmosphere where they find Purrgil hiding in the clouds, and avoiding pursuit they power down their ship in the forest below.
Huyang tells them that the hyperspace ring might be used for inter-galactic hyperspace travel, as was documented in ancient Jedi records, following the routes used by Purrgil. On the surface, Baylan Skoll orders forces into the forest to find the landed ship. . .

High Points : Huyang remains absolutely amazing, entertaining, insightful and an absolute joy to watch. And the show continues to look amazing, the sets and special effects are top class.

Low Points : This show uses Rebels, but seems slightly off all the time. Hera argues with the Republic council, using the fact that one of the most vocal members never fought in the war, but doesn't bring up that Mothma and the Rebellion didn't help when they freed Lothal, they've got a history of not supporting her and being wrong, especially where Thrawn is concerned.
While Ahsoka makes a point that she's not trying to teach Sabine to be a Jedi, which seems right as we have no evidence at all that Sabine is Force Sensitive at all. But they've abandoned Kanan's teaching of Sabine, where he taught her how to fight with a Lightsaber, but as a Mandalorian, using all the advantages that the technology her people created (to fight Jedi).
The show really feels like it needs some Kanan in it, to make Hera fight like she used to (she seems broken by her time in the Republic, as if the bureaucrat have worn her down), and to teach Sabine to fight in her own style, in a way that Ahsoka really doesn't seem to understand.
And the bad guys make a series of silly decisions, with them performing strafing runs against Ahsoka when she is on the hull of her ship parrying their shots, instead of just sitting at a distance and firing, or even just shooting at the rest of the ship where she isn't, and getting the ship to explode and kill her. And the very final scene, knowing that Ahsoka has landed somewhere on the PLANET, Baylan orders his men to search the forest, apparently on foot?

So what do you really think ? : While it seemed entertaining enough, I wasn't impressed by this one.
And I must comment on the runtime. While I've been a fan of the Star Wars streaming series attitude to runtimes, where each episode will last long enough to tell the story it intends to tell, so it's not rushed to pack it in if there's too much to tell, and it's not padded if there's not enough story to tell. But this episode doesn't really tell an entire story, it just kind of ends. So not only is it a very short episode, but it leaves you unsatisfied as well.

Final Words : I find it kind of strange they created a naming convention for the episodes with the first two, "Master and Apprentice" and "Toil and Trouble", only to abandon it now. Not a complaint, just something I found weird.
And I really have to comment on the thing the internet has gone wild about, the table on Ahsoka's ship. In the entrance chamber to her ship, the floor rises up to become a circular table and surrounding couches. Which looks very cool, until they need to eat at it, and you realise that until moments before it was the floor which people coming into the ship from outside with whatever crap on their boots they picked up outside, just stomped on! Gross.

Score : 7.5/10

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