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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 16: The Show Must Go On

What is it ? : Nash Durango is organising a concert to thank the Jedi for all they've done, and Nubs and Kai are helping set it up, failing normally but then using the force, which impresses Master Zanna and Lys when they arrive.
Nash has arranged for her favourite band, Ku-Bops, to play, but only 2 members of the band have turned up, their third member, Bruff, is missing.
The Jedi agree to help find him, and head on Speeder Bikes to his home, where his younger brother tells them he left in a mood. Asking the lead singer of the band, Metz, where Bruff's favourite place was, and he tells them it's Hap's Sap Tap.
Going there, Hap tells them that Bruff was here, but left in a mood and even left his instrument behind.
Metz remembers that when Bruff wants inspiration from his music, he goes to the river, so they search there and find him. He tells Metz that he doesn't want to play, he'd asked to be allowed to sing, especially as he writes some of the songs, but Metz had told him no, so he doesn't want to play any more.
As the two squabble, they damage the controls of a speeder boat and float off down the river towards the rapids. The Jedi follow on Nash's speeder boat, and Lys uses the force to block the musicians path so they can rescue them.
Metz agrees to let Bruff sing, and the concert goes on with everyone enjoying it, and the band invites Nash onto stage to sing about teamwork . . .

High Points : A nice low risk episode, where there is no enemy to be beaten, monsters to scare them, etc. Just the Jedi trying to help out, similar in fashion to "The Missing Kibbin" only a couple of episodes ago.
And once again it's using the world building that's been going on from episode to episode, while Hap is long established, the Jedi using Nash's speeder boat from "Nashs Race Day" makes sense rather than them just jumping into a random speeder.

Low Points : Well lets be honest, Nash's favourite band the Ku-bops, aren't exactly going to set the world on fire, it's bland inoffensive elevator music, with a message for kids about Teamwork, but the third member of the band, K1-T, is pretty good by himself, but I have always liked electronic music. He'd definitely be better dumping the other two, who seem like they're just drama, and going it alone.

So what do you really think ? : There's no real drama here, but it's a nice gentle little story and it passes quickly and inoffensively, so is absolutely fine.
And the message to kids in this episode is I think, don't take peoples feelings for granted. The song at the end is about Teamwork, but I definitely think the message is more about Bruff feeling taken for granted when he doesn't want to just keep doing what everyone else expects him to.

Final Words : I never measured the run time, and I assume each one is the same length (to fit a TV schedule), but this episode seemed to end quicker. Whether that's a good or bad thing I leave to you.

Score : 8/10

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