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Ahsoka: Part Four: Fallen Jedi

What is it ? : Aboard the downed T-6, Ahsoka, Sabine and Huyang work to repair the vessel and contact Hera to let her know what is happening. The team sent out by Baylan Skoll find the ship, and after letting him know they attack, only to be fought off by the three.
Meanwhile Hera takes the Ghost out and is joined by Carson Teva and his squadron, they're disobeying orders and going to help Ahsoka, jumping to Hyperspace.
Ahsoka and Sabine set off to get the Map back, asked by Huyang to stick together as they work together well, only to be intercepted by Shin Hati and Marrok, who begin fighting them with Lightsabers.
Baylan begins copying the map to the Hyperspace ring where Morgan Elsbeth waits.
Ahsoka defeats Marrok, who turns to dust, and runs to fight Baylan, he drives her to the edge of a cliff and is about to push her off, when Sabine disarms Shin and seizes the map threatening to destroy it. Ahsoka is knocked into the sea below, and Baylan offers Sabine a way of getting to Ezra. If she destroys the map Ezra will be lost forever, if she doesn't, he promises she will not be harmed and he will get her to Ezra.
She is torn, but hands over the map to Baylan, who stops Shin when she returns and begins choking Sabine.
When the map has finished copying to the Hyperspace ring, Baylan himself destroys it, and the three head up to the ship and it lifts out of the atmosphere.
However Hera and the squadron have arrived and begin making an attack run on the ring, which powers up it's engines, leaping to hyperspace around them.
Their vessels are left floating ionised, and some of the X-Wings collide and are destroyed.
Ahsoka awakens in the World between Worlds, and turns round to discover Anakin Skywalker standing beside her, greeting her with "Hello Snips". . . . .

High Points : While really only consisting of a prolonged fight, there's a bunch to be liked here, and I actually feel like the characterisation was getting far better. Sabine has a history of being naΓ―ve, having believed the Empire and trusted them with her anti-beskar weapon, etc. So her trusting Baylan makes sense.
And Hera just setting off to help her friends is far more in character as well, remembering this is the woman who led the forces on Lothal to victory after the Rebellion (and Mon Mothma) had given up on the planet.

And I'm definitely overthinking it here, but it appears that the New Republic have been clever in their deployment of forces since the end of the Galactic Civil War. Taking Hera as an example, she was the commander of her own Rebel Cell, which were part of an Alliance, working together, not for, the rest of the Rebels. This allowed her when the Rebels decided not to help Lothal, to take her forces who worked for her, not the Rebellion, and do what she wanted to. This has been shown elsewhere, especially with Saw Gerrera who broke away completely.
Now this is a terrible problem for the fledgling Republic, that it's forces are completely voluntary. But if you take their leaders, promote them to command of different forces who aren't loyal directly to them, but instead are loyal to the Republic. You take this ability away.
Now way back in the early 80's the Marvel Star Wars comics showed a different way of the Republic being founded, when they ordered Han Solo around, and he just quit, as they were treating him like an employee not a volunteer ally, so this appears to be a good solution to that, and something I had wondered about the transition from an Alliance of Rebel cells to a single government.

Low Points : Even thought his episode runs longer than the last, it actually feels as if less happens. Really there's an extended lightsaber fight, and Hera arriving at the planet and not a lot more. We're halfway through the story, and it's treading water already, this and the last episode probably could have been combined easily.

And while I had no particular problem with it, my son groaned aloud when Carson Teva turned up, because of course, there's only 1 X-Wing pilot in the galaxy. I know they'd have had problems getting Denis Lawson to return as Wedge for not much more than a cameo again, but Wedge does have a history with Hera, and makes far more sense.

So what do you really think ? : While well acted, good dialogue and growing characterisation, there was just too little in this episode, so it kind of felt pointless.

Final Words : I am very interested in what they're going to do with Anakin and Ahsoka, I imagine this is her way to wherever Ezra is, and it would be nice to see more of the post Return of the Jedi Anakin force ghost, as his appearance does make a lot of sense.
There's still a good chance this series will redeem itself in my eyes, and come to a strong ending, as there's plenty of opportunities to tell an amazing story.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

08/Sep/2023 09:08:14 Posted by GMOverkill

Nice review, but it should be named PART FOUR. You've already reviewed Part Three earlier in the month.

Friendly greetings,

08/Sep/2023 10:30:18 Posted by Freddy


08/Sep/2023 13:14:10 Posted by WhaleWalker

I'm not getting into AHSOKA as I thought I would be.

Sabine Wren's stupidity is off-putting.

Not to say I won't keep watching.

09/Sep/2023 01:43:52 Posted by

Don't know if you're going to create stats for Marrok, but I think you should wait until the season's over. The vapor coming out of his wound across the chest - the Wook saying he's a Force construct of something dealing with the resurrection magick of the Nightsisters. There are more mysteries surrounding Marrok right now, and hopefully they'll be answered before the end.

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