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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 18: Kais Bad Day

What is it ? : Kai awakens from his sleep, realising he is late for an expedition with the others he rushes to the courtyard he discovers he has missed the shuttle to see the Lava Fields, something he really wanted to do. Lys contacts him asking him where he is, and he tells her he missed the shuttle, and hopes they have a great day hoping to make the best of the missed day he decides to practice with the training droids at the academy, but gets hit by a laserbolt.
Master Zanna witnesses this and asks him why he isn't with everyone else and he explains he slept in and this is just a really bad day. To help him make it better she suggests he could complete a mission for him, a friend of the Jedi, Mycho Zala, needs a new hyperdrive capacitor as he is stuck on Tatooine. Kai readily agrees, and joins Nash on the Firehawk to travel to Tatoonine.
He tells Nqsh how the day has been so bad, so to help cheer him up she lets him take the controls to land at Tatooine, but he pilots them into a Sandstorm. As they make a manoeuvre out they drop the Hyperspace Capacitor onto the surface and have to land and return to collect it.
They discover a group of Jawas scavenging the Capacitor, and try to explain to them that the device is theirs, and the Jawa gesture at Nash's droid, RJ-83. Thinking that they mean that the Droid is also theirs, they agree and check the Capacitor is ready to be loaded back onto their ship. Only to realise that the Jawa's have taken RJ-83.
They chase after the Jawa Sandcrawler on a speeder bike, using the force to leap aboard, and get into a chase with the Jawas around the vehicle. When the Jawas corner them finally, Kai exclaims how the day has been so terrible and that now he won't even be able to deliver the Capacitor to Mycho Zala. The Jawa's recognise the name and begin chanting it, then take them to him. He listens to both sides, and explains that the Jawas had thought that Kai and Nash were trading RJ-83 for the capacitor, so trades them a tool for the droid making the Jqwa's extremely happy at the trade. They give Zala the Capacitor, which he is very happy about and asks them to thank Master Zanna on his behalf. . . .

High Points : The misunderstanding is fairly obvious, but it does make the episode more interesting as the Jawas aren't thieving bad guys, they're just traders. And it makes Kai and Nash into unanticipated bad guys as they're trying to rob the Jawas of what they traded away. And that is probably the message of the episode, that misunderstands can lead to disagreements even when that's not what either side wanted.

Low Points : Honestly, Kai is a kid at a school, when everyone else is going away and no-one wakes him up? They're going to potentially leave a child alone in an empty school for a day? Do the teachers not count everyone in and out to ensure they've not lost a kid? Or is this some kind of rough love survival training? We're going to take kids to a space monk academy, and not all of them are going to survive!

So what do you really think ? : This one was okay, it's obviously a visit to Tatooine, which is so common these days it's become a joke. But it uses the Jawas in an sensible way, allowing the communication difficult to be the main obstacle.

Final Words : I can only wonder what Master Zanna had planned when she's keen on getting the academy to herself for the day? Or is it just a parental "me time" needed when you've got kids around you all day? She just wanted to sit in the sun and day drink without anyone asking stupid questions or needing rescued.

Score : 8/10

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