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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 7: Darkness on Umbara

What is it ? : Obi-Wan and Anakin are assigned to lead the attack on Umbara, a world which has joined the Confederacy. After using Space Gunships to get to the ground through the mists on the surface of the planet, they come under heavy fire but establish a beachhead on the planet and begin marching for the capital city.
However another Jedi arrives, General Pong Krell, who has a reputation for achieving victories. Anakin has been requested by the Chancellor, so Krell is to replace him in charge of this part of the Clone Army.
Krell is a by the book general, not liking to use the Clone's names, using instead their numbers, and not taking advice well. He orders the Clones to march down the main road to the Capital, even after Rex advises that they will just be a target. Rex is proven right, and orders his troops to retreat, which Krell blames for the defeat, however he does seem to show some respect for Rex's commitment to his men, and the loyalty that generates in his men. As the Clones consider Krells words, the Umbarans attack once more.

High Points : This is a great episode, with lots going for it. The characterisation of the Clones continues to be one of the triumphs of this series, and most of the clones are likeable in their own ways.

I'm becoming very much a broken record on how much the animation has improved this season, but again I must comment on how great this episode looks. With the glowing technology and plants of Umbara, illuminating the fog on the surface of the world, it's absolutely stunning to behold.
The beginning especially I must draw attention to, as the Space Gunships drop from orbit, taking fire from through the fog, it's visually and dramatically impressive.

The technology of the Umbarans is unique, with it's own designs (incorporating glowing sections) which are totally distinct from both Republic and Separatist designs (reminiscent to me of the Tau from Warhammer 40k). It's great to see fighters, tanks, droids and weapons we've never seen before, and which look radically different.

I'm not sure if it's been in previous episodes, but I only noticed in this one that Rex has his own totally custom armour. Phase 1 Clonetrooper armour has the T shaped visor with a thin crossbar, and a slightly pointy nose section. Phase 2 has a more distinct set of eyes broadening the T section, and the two respirator intakes at the lower end. Rex's helmet has the respirator intakes from the phase 2, but the thinner T visor from the phase 1, and he's the only trooper wearing armour like that. It took me a while to notice, as the blue paint job on his and the other 501'st legion troopers helped disguise the difference, but loved that once you spotted it, you could pick out Rex in almost every scene he's in.

Low Points : The fact that Krell can be so obviously evil towards his soldiers and they have no come-back against his mistakes at all, clearly shows one of the problems of using Jedi as Generals, and using Slaves as soldiers, the Generals are poorly equipped to command, and the soldiers are seen as disposable. It makes it difficult to believe that Krell can be getting away with this kind of behaviour, unless it's all forgiven because he is usually victorious.

So what do you really think ? : The Umbaran soldiers in their clear helmets with their shaven heads I thought for some time were other Clones, and was pondering the idea of the Confederacy fielding it's own Clone army, with technology passed on by Palpatine (and possibly the Clone imprint captured by Ventress during the attack on Kamino). An idea which excited me, that the series might make an interesting twist in the war, showing us a period which we'd never heard of before, and one which would truly make this The Clone Wars.
However, turns out they're just another bunch of bald guys in armour. Oh well.

Final Words : Really enjoyed this one, the Clones are always a favourite of mine, and this story seems to continue growing the characters, seemingly towards having to disobey orders for the first time, growing as people from the soldiers they were born to be. Looking forwards to seeing where the storyline goes, but worrying that they're going to be really obvious about Krell being the bad guy.

Score : 9/10

Comments made about this Article!

02/Feb/2018 19:17:11 Posted by jadawin

Hello guys,

The episodes on Umbaran are amongs favorites of mine...
I hope you will like the following ones...

03/Feb/2018 18:01:34 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Why do Jedi ride the dropships down like common minions?

Jedi piloting starfighters can use Jedi Coolness to not die, Jedi on foot with a lightsabre can use Jedi Coolness to not die . . . . . Jedi in a dropship could get blown to confetti like anyone else

05/Feb/2018 21:08:16 Posted by hellstormer1

I read "cofeefee" before I realized "confetti".

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