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Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures: Season 1: Story 38: Raxlo Strikes Back

What is it ? : The Young Jedi are visiting Andraven to visit the Wellagrin herders once again as it is hatching season. Gumar takes them up the mountain to visit the eggs which are due to hatch, but finds the snow is melting and the eggs cannot hatch unless immersed in snow, and they cannot be moved as the adults will be confused.
They hear a noise, and investigate discovering Raxlo melting the snow with his harvester, this time equipped with a giant laser. Raxlo is annoyed at the Jedi wrecking his business plans again, and explains he's melting the ice to get at the Tenga rocks beneath which are valuable. He seems accepting that everytime he does something, the Young Jedi will interfere, but this time he says he is prepared and gets some security droids to capture the Young Jedi.
The take the group away, but the Jedi use the force to cause some snow to fall from above onto the droids shutting them down. They return to the Harvester and interfere with the controls, but Raxlo notices and tells them not to because it could be dangerous. They continue to interfere, and the laser causes a collapse of snow that buries the eggs once more, and they hatch into baby Wellagrin.
Raxlo complains about the Jedi ruining his plans again, but becomes attached to one of the infant Wellagrin, and Gumar tells him where he can locate a better supply of Tenga Rocks without interfering with the hatching place of the Wellagrin, and he relocates and later tells the Jedi about the new scoop he's built onto the Harvester which can move the snow instead of melting it, and offers to show them what else his harvester can do. . .

High Points : The return of Raxlo, who this time is done with the Young Jedi, and displays a fair sense of humour as he's resigned to the fact that everytime he tries a scheme, they are going to turn up to interfere, so this time he's brought security droids.

Low Points : So the Wellagrin eggs have to be immersed in snow, and have to hatch on a particular day? And the eggs must remain in the same place as if they're moved it will "confuse" the adults?
Can't the Wellagrin herders, herd the adults to the eggs? Can't they just bury the eggs in other snow?
And how powerful is the laser? It melts the snow at peak of the mountain where it is aimed, but also melts it a distance away where the eggs are? It must be kicking out some amount of heat.

So what do you really think ? : It's a bit of nonsense, kids might like it for the cute Wellagrin babies, and Raxlo is entertaining enough, I found his personality and wit to be the high point of the episode, but the rest really didn't seem to make much sense.

Final Words : The message of this episode seems to be to get permission to do something first, especially when strip mining planets.

Score : 7.5/10

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