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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 9: Plan of Dissent

What is it ? : Following on directly from the last episode, the Clones have captured an Umbaran Airbase. Obi-Wan contacts General Krell and informs him that the invasion of the capital city isn't going well, and that they need help. Krell issues an order that the Clones should march on the capital, and although losses will be heavy, he believes victory will be assured. However, the Clones believe that if the Umbarans stop receiving supplies from an orbiting supply ship, then the battle will go easier.
It's believed that an assault on the supply ship will be futile, however, the Clones believe using the fighters from the airbase they'll be able to slip through enemy lines and destroy the supply ship. Krell overrules them, deciding that every Clone is needed for the upcoming battle.
After practicing with the fighters, and destroying much of one of the hangars, three Clones steal fighters and head to the Supply ship, which they destroy, but only with the sacrifice of one of their number.
Krell is angry at the disobedience, and orders the remaining two pilots court martialed for insubordination.

High Points : Again, the episode looks great and the action is brilliant, and the Clones continue to be amazingly characterised and performed. The animation as the supply ship explodes and the fighters race back out in a very similar fashion to Anakin in The Phantom Menace (which the episode itself comments on), looks even better than the movie did.

Although we don't see much more of Umbara than the Airbase, what little we see continues to lend a unique tone to the planet, with holographic controls materialising in front of doors to open them being one thing I particularly liked.

Also, the death of Hardcase is worth mentioning, a Clone who truly loved the carnage of the Clone Wars, a gun-happy character who showed no fear, he'll be missed.

Low Points : While the action continues to be gripping, I continue to feel that the storyline isn't really progressing. General Krell is mean to the Clones, but no reason has been yet given, and although he could claim much glory for the destruction of the Supply Ship, he's going to admit he can't control his soldiers, and ignored a perfectly good plan, which won't do his reputation any good (his reason for ignoring it was given as needing every man in the upcoming battle for the capital, but really would 3 troops have made that much of a difference?).

And although I think the assault on the Supply Ship was done better than the very similar attack in The Phantom Menace, I still feel slightly let down by seeing the repetition of the scene.

So what do you really think ? : I continue to enjoy this storyline, but please move it on, or end it soon, the brilliance is becoming tarnished as it just hangs around a little too long without moving the story onwards in any meaningful way.

Final Words : I believe the next episode wraps this storyline up, I hope it's with panache and brilliance, because it's been great so far.

Score : 8/10

Comments made about this Article!

11/Feb/2018 06:18:37 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

They REALLY missed the opportunity to have our heroes have to dodge Republic fighters, they sailed right through a raging spacefight and noone bothered them?

I liked they blocky pixelated Obi-Wan

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