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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 10: Carnage of Krell

What is it ? : Continuing from the last episode, Fives and Jesse are to be court martialed for disobeying orders, so Rex argues for Krell to reconsider. Krell says this is a waste of time, and orders them executed straight away, however the Clones refuse to kill their own but before Krell can deal with them, they receive a communication that the Umbarans are nearby. Krell orders the Clones to attack the Umbarans, warning them that they have captured Clone Trooper armour and weapons.
In the jungle when ambushed by troops wearing their own armour and using their own weapons a bloody fight breaks out, only stopped by Rex spotting one of the downed soldiers is actually a Clone, and removing his helmet to prove he is too. They speak to Waxer, the leader of the second group of Clone Troopers, and discover that he had the same orders from Krell, that the enemy was using their equipment.
Returning to the base, the Clone Troopers led by Rex, turn on Krell who reveals he's gone all dark side and wants to be Dooku's new apprentice, and attacks the Clones.
Escaping into the jungle, the Clones pursue, and only overwhelm him after tricking him into stumbling into some native wildlife which distracts him enough for them to stun him.
Discovering the depth of his treachery, and that the blocked communications were his work, they receiving communications that the Umbarans are virtually defeated, and the only remain force is heading for the base where they are. Knowing if Krell is captured by the Umbarans, he'll reveal all sorts of Republic secrets, Rex heads to execute Krell, only to have Dogma kill him first, for the personal betrayal as Dogma was Krells most trusted lieutenant.

High Points : Okay, I've moaned a little in my reviews of the last two episodes that this story has been hanging around a little too long, but wow a lot happens in this episode and it rushes to an end. There's some great fights, amazing Clone characterisation and great dialogue.

Also, I've been going wild during this storyline about Umbaran technology and it's style, but the glass-floored elevator and energy shielded cells makes for a great combination, as at various times when Clones, or Krell are in the cells, and those visiting are slowly lowering to the jail level, but both sides can see each other through the transparent floor and shields. Makes for some amazing scenes, and looks great too.

And let me just say it, Krell uses his four arms to fight with Two Double-Ended Lightsabers, yep he's got double double lightsabers. It looks amazing, especially the fight in the misty jungle when the Clone Troopers are trying to capture the rogue general, the effect of the sabers glowing through the mist is amazing.

Low Points : Well, this one has been signposted since he was introduced, that Krell was a dark sidey bad guy, but we've still no real motivation for this. The only offered explanation is that he sees the rise of the Empire (A New Order as he describes it), and wants to go from being a Jedi Master, to a Sith Apprentice (doesn't seem like a promotion to me, especially as he claims to serve no master except himself (and his new master)). I wish we'd had something to humanise him a little, the loss of apprentices in the war, seeing too many casualties in battle, being forced to breach his moral code to achieve victory, or something to at least explain why this highly praised Jedi General wants to betray the side he's been winning battles for.

I was a little disappointed by Rex not being prepared when he goes to arrest Krell, he knows how powerful Jedi can be, but getting his forces to just stand in a circle and shooting at him is all the plan Rex has. Personally I wondered why they couldn't use droid poppers to disable his lightsabers, or something along those lines.

So what do you really think ? : Loved this episode, it redeemed any flaws I saw in the previous episodes, this storyline has been one of the absolute greats in Clone Wars, very, very good indeed.

Final Words : After complaining that this story was hanging around just too long and overstaying it's welcome, I have to say I'm sorry it's over. I hope they get back to the storylines they started in season 3, as we haven't touched on Boba Fett, Asajj Ventress or Savage Opress at all this season.

Score : 9.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

11/Feb/2018 07:30:07 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

Was not impressed with this one. Captain Rex wanting to gun down a captive in cold blood? Not cool

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