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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 12: Slaves of the Republic

What is it ? : Using the Zygerrian ship they captured in the last episode (after hopefully fixing it's damaged engine) Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, Anakin and Rex head to Zygerria to try to track down the Togruta Colonists who are missing.
Anakin and Ahsoka pretend to be Slaver and Slave to gain access to the Queen of Zygerria, while Rex and Obi-Wan search the city. Rex and Obi-Wan locate the Togruta Governor, but Obi-Wan is captured when they try to free him. And Anakin is asked to torture the captured Jedi. They attempt to escape, but are overwhelmed with shock whips.
Awakening, Rex and Obi-Wan have been shipped to another world with the rest of the Togruta colonists, and a group are killed to warn Obi-Wan that it will not be him that suffers for his disobedience. Ahsoka awakes in a cages where she is taunted by a Slaver, who she knocks from his feet, almost causing him to fall from the top of the wall she is hanging from. And Anakin awakes in the Queens bed, and is forced at threat to his comrades lives to become her bodyguard.

High Points : The action throughout this episode is well handled, and the arena battle is excellent, while allowing the heroes to be defeated. Zygerria is an interesting setting, and there's an interesting array of new vehicles and vessels through the episode.

However, the outstanding moment for me was Ahsoka force pushing the Slaver who is taunting her at the end of the episode. As a gamer it felt exactly like the kind of stupid petty thing I'd do as a character on being taunted.

Low Points : The big problem with this episode was how everything just fell into place for the heroes to lose, Rex lost a gunfight and fell into the arena stunned. Obi-Wan was taken down with a couple of lashes from a shock whip. Anakin's sabers are knocked from his hands, stopping him cutting the whips, and worst of all, Ahsoka doesn't cut off her slaver collar when she has the chance, so is taken down by the unarmed Zygerrian Queen. It's moments like that which makes me shake my head, the heroes didn't lose through being outwitted, they didn't lose from being unaware of a trap, they lost through misfortune and mistakes. Clone Wars has done this too many times, and it just made this episode annoying for me.

So what do you really think ? : I've got a feeling that we're going to suffer through an episode of Anakin empathising with the Queen, and Obi-Wan being tortured because he's so helpless (because Jedi are like Batman and won't kill for some reason, even though they wield a weapon designed to burn through flesh).

Final Words : Everything about this episode is good to me except it's conception, I feel like we've seen this type of story far too often (where the Jedi can't act because someone else will be hurt in their name), which isn't even a point to me. Hopefully the next part of the story will pull something interesting out of it's hat, but I'm not actually too hopeful.

Score : 8/10

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