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Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season 3 Episode 13: Into the Breach

What is it ? : The Batch and their prisoner former Admiral Rampart on one of the cloud stations of Bio Vora. Rampart tells them that the only way to get to Tantiss is to dock at Station 3 above Coruscant, where the jump is uploaded directly to your navi-computer. Echo arrives with a stolen Imperial Shuttle, and they set off for Station 3.
On Tantiss, Omega meets the other children who are imprisoned in the Vault, she notices that Eva has the tooka doll she made when she was a prisoner, and Eva tells her that Emelie Karr gave it to her, and she is the nicest of the scientists.
On route to Station 3, the batch remove all the decorations from their armor, reducing it back to standard, while Rampart dons an Imperial Captains uniform. They arrive, and Rampart uses his rank and attitude to bully other officers into giving them access to the station.
Omega notices when she is being tested that the samples travel through tubes in the walls, and wonders if those tubes could be used to escape, and raises the idea with the other children, telling them she escaped once, because she had help, and she wants to help them. She also steals a tool during the sampling, which she conceals in her sleeve.
On Station 3, Rampart leads the Batch to the control room, where Omega tries to access the navigation data, but cannot. But they realise a transport is about to leave to Tantiss, and if they disable it's sensors they can dock their shuttle to the outside of it and be carried to Tantiss along with it.
Echo sneaks onto the Shuttle as it departs, and the Batch follow in their stolen shuttle, he manages to disable the sensors in the nick of time, and they dock to the transports hull just as it jumps towards Tantiss.
On Tantiss, Omega uses the tool she stole to open the panel where the samples are sent, and finds tunnels behind the walls they could use to escape, sealing it back up she returns to the other children and tells them she's found their way out. . ..

High Points : While the story doesn't really progress much in this episode, it manages to provide a lot of tension. With the mission on Station 3 being filled with danger and the chance they'll be discovered, balance with the equally tense scene where Omega is removing the panel in her cell, while avoiding Imperial detection.

I also liked the scenes with Rampart and the Batch, the interplay between them was first class, and I loved that Rampart was really enjoying the chance to even act as if he was an officer again and be shown the respect that rank demands in the Empire.

Low Points : Honestly, the jail cells are built of easily removed panels, and behind them instead of the rock of Mount Tantiss is large empty spaces big enough for prisoners to escape through. The security is terrible, not even putting sensors or cameras in the cells to monitor these supposedly extremely valuable prisoners.

And while it's tense, edge of your seat stuff, this episode is mainly still just treading water, as the Batch still are trying to find out where Tantiss is. Although to be fair, they seem to finally be on their way.

So what do you really think ? : A solid enough episode, which makes its run time pass quickly with some action and a whole load of tension. Definitely not one of the best this season, but also far from the worst.

Final Words : So two episodes to go for the entire series, and usually these would be a two parter, but apart from the continuing storyline, these don't appear to be. I find myself wondering if the final episode will have a longer run time to wrap everything up for this series, and for this time period.

Score : 9/10

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