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Alton Kastle

Alton Kastle

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 15: Deception

What is it ? : Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka are walking through the streets of Coruscant, when a sniper ambushes them, killing Obi-Wan before escaping. After Obi-Wan's funeral, Mace Windu and Yoda visit the medical centre where Obi-Wan awaits them. The Jedi hired the sniper to kill Obi-Wan, so he could take the snipers place after his death and get close to an associate of Dooku to discover the details of an assassination attempt against Palpatine.
After surgery, and getting the original sniper out of the way, Anakin and Ahsoka arrest Obi-Wan as the sniper, and he is put in prison, gaining the trust of his target with his reputation for killing a Jedi. However this is complicated by the targets cell mate, Cad Bane.
Cad pays young Boba Fett to attack Obi-Wan alter ego, and start a prison riot to let the target and Cad escape, and Obi-Wan tags along. Using the force to open a lock to prove his usefulness, the three escape the prison and steal a ship leaving Coruscant.

High Points : While there's nothing particularly wrong with this episode, I'm having particular problems locating anything I really liked about it.

Low Points : When I mentioned above that Obi-Wan gets surgery to look like the sniper, the surgery consists of a single injection that not only totally changes his entire facial structure, but also adds tattoos. While Star Wars is advanced technology, I call bull poop on this, if the average medical droid can change the entirety of someones appearance with a single (albeit painful) injection, the Jedi would never find one of their targets ever again, as everyone would be changing their appearance all the time.

The Prison security is totally lax, I'm surprised that anyone stays in the prison for more than a week, especially motivated by the fact that the Clone Troopers can decide to go lethal whenever they want (one of the Clone Troopers orders guns taken off stun, and prisoners are being cremated after the riot). Simple rules such as no ranged weapons on the prison floor would have ended the riot in seconds, as the prisoners would have been helpless against the Clone Trooper with guns on the balconies if the only weapons they have managed to get ahold of is melee weapons.
Also there don't seem to be an abundance of locks in the prison, Bane and Obi-Wan only encounter a single lock between the prison canteen and the outside world.

So what do you really think ? : The episode feels like it's setting up what is to come, but doesn't really feel like anything much is happening here. There's nothing much wrong with it, but nothing to sell the episode either. This is the first real flop of this season.

Final Words : Hopefully the rest of the storyline will be better, but this is a fairly poor beginning, and I definitely felt Boba Fett's appearance was wasted.

Score : 6.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

29/Nov/2019 07:10:23 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

I hated this episode so much. It's taken me years, 3 tries, and a considerable amount of alcohol to get through it

I get no sense of urgency why Kenobi and friends need to do this stupid trick. It shows the Jedi are sneaks if they ever reveal they did the trick (unless they just leave Kenobi dead going forward), they don't trust Anakin for no good reason. I wasn't going to comment on prison, since I actually work in Corrections, but yes. It's awful. And a decent prison could detect that swallowed mini droid to unless the staff was all in on it.

But yes, if a riot starts in the chow hall, you basically do the exact opposite of what this episode shows doing.

Kenobi is a hero of my childhood, this is NOT helping!

29/Nov/2019 10:23:28 Posted by Freddy

There is a reason for the urgency as the storyline progresses, but to some degree that urgency is because Cad Bane manages to escape from prison, so if they just stopped him escaping, everything would be kind of fine. The only possible reason for this is that they know how absolutely awful the Coruscant Prison system is, and knew that Bane would be able to just walk out whenever he wanted.

And I've no experience with corrections or the prison system, but my brother served in the military in Northern Ireland during the troubles and I remember it being mentioned that the rule was no weapons within reach of a suspect when they were operating a checkpoint. They would always hand their weapon to another soldier when they moved to search a vehicle or civilian. And I just assumed that in prison it would be the same, no reason to allow prisoners access to weapons if they overpower a guard.

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