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Knights of the Old Republic 12: Reunion, Part 2

What is it ? : The Ithorian kidnappers, the Moomo brothers communicate with the person who hired them, Jedi Master Raana Tey, who berates them for kidnapping Arvan Carrick rather than just observing him as she instructed. She tells them to wait for further instructions while she speaks to the rest of her group. The brothers argue and then scuffle, with Dob knocking Del to the ground and going out for a drink leaving his brother to watch the prisoner. Del communicates with Ranna Tey who tells his to raise ship as soon as his brother returns and they will deal with the Arvan Carrick problem.
Meanwhile Zayne tells the group who the brothers have kidnapped, and Gryph tells them about the Moomo brothers, and realises that they are likely frequenting a cantina, so heads off to find them. He discovers Dob in a cantina and strikes up conversation with him, brokering a deal to hand over his Carrick for their Carrick, as he needs Arvan to unlock his bank account. They agree to the hand over at the ship.
Now knowing where his father is, Zayne sneaks into the Moomo brothers ship, and rescues his father, awaiting Gryph's distraction to sneak out. Gryph arrives with Camper disguised as a Jedi, as Jarael now refuses to pretend to be a Jedi anymore, and Zayne causes a distruption by moving a cargo crate with the force and they all escape.
Back at The Last Resort, Arvan unlocks the bank account for Gryph, and tells Zayne why he is now on Telerath as he was offered a surprise promotion after the Draay Trust invested in the bank he works for. Zayne recognises the connection between his former master Lucien Draay and the financial trust, and realises that the Jedi Masters are now trying to catch him through his family. He is outraged by this, and comments that this isn't normal Jedi behaviour, but Gryph counters that neither is slaughtering their padawans.
Arvan tells Zayne that he knew that he hadn't committed the murder of his fellow padawans, and Zayne advises his father to move along with his family to a place undisclosed to the reader where Zayne thinks he still has an ally who will help protect them. Finally he gets Gryph to pay him, since he's now a henchman, he needs paid for all his henching, and gets his father to transfer the funds to someone on Taris who will need it now the planet has been invaded by the Mandalorians.

High Points : Once again the dialogue is great, that Jarael now refuses to pretend to be a Jedi any more, since she believes her time in Flashpoint prison was punishment by the Force for the deception. The dialogue between Gryph and Zayne is fantastic, Zayne's demand for payment as he's not a Jedi, but a Henchman, "I hench, you pay!", brought a smile to my face. Great stuff.
And the scene between Zayne and his father, no drama there, just familial love. Arvan believes in his son, believes he's innocent even though the family has gone through hardship because of the accused crimes. Just a lovely scene, and one that feels so different to the normal family drama that is usual in stories these days.

Low Points : The story seems a little disjointed, presumably as Zayne and Arvan sneak away, Gryph and Camper likewise do, but one moment they're speaking to the Moomo brothers, and then they're forgotten about until everybody is back at the ship. Likewise we ended last issue with Zayne facing the Moomo brothers who have grabbed his father, and this issue the brothers are back at their ship. So what happened, did Zayne just let them go to avoid injuring his father? Did they slip away somehow? We're just not told.

So what do you really think ? : While the above skipped scenes do leave plenty of space for world and story building dialogue, it does leave this issue feeling unfinished and rushed. There's plenty of fun stuff, and touching scenes, but it does seem to just around a lot.

Final Words : So Zayne now wants to go after Jedi Master Ranna Tey next as she has targeted his father. But he has to realise that Lucien has to behind it all, it needed him to use his influence with the Draay Trust to move his father to Telerath, so at least he knows and approves of Tey's plan, but more likely ordered her to carry it out.

Score : 8.5/10

Comments made about this Article!

07/Jul/2024 12:18:05 Posted by

Now you know why I call those Ithorians the Boobie Brothers.

It would seem that Zayne has an ally on the Council. But other than keeping Zayne's family safe, he doesn't do anything to help Zayne. He could have at least investigated things further.

If Zayne was content to run and hide before, that changed now that the Covenant went after his family.

12/Jul/2024 00:20:54 Posted by Freddy

Now obviously I could be remembering from reading these comics some 20 years ago, but it seems obvious that Zayne still has a lot of trust in Master Vandar as he was the one who accepted Zayne into the order, and then later it was him that did try a little to help him when he is accused of the murder of his fellow Padawans. He seems to believe at least that Vandar is honest and isn't part of the conspiracy. But I don't know if Vandar is more of an ally than just doing the bare minimum.

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