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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 1 Episode 5: Rookies

What is it ? : This episode focuses on a group of Rookie Clone Troopers, assigned to a quiet listening station on the edge of Republic Space. They're supposed to be watching for Confederacy ships approaching the Core Worlds, but are ambushed by a bunch of Droid Commandos who land disguised as a meteorite storm.
The Droids taken control of the base, and one (Unit 26) disguises itself as a Clone Trooper by putting on armour to deceive the Republic that the base is still under their control.
The Rookies are joined by Commander Cody, and Captain Rex, who help them alert the Republic that a fleet is about to attack Kamino.
There's not a lot more to the story than that, but the simplicity of the storyline makes room for some action, some good lines, and the introduction of the Droid Commandos as a pretty dangerous opponent.

High Points : The Droid Commandos, they're brilliant, their dialogue is funny (without being childish) and they are a fairly intelligent opponent who don't make terrible blunders. They're kind of what I wish the Droids were all the time, as normally it's hard to see why the droids are any type of threat at all.
Unit 26 especially, he disguises himself as a Clone Trooper, and does a half decent impression of one. But his body language is hilarious, gesturing wildly as he speaks, I laughed and I laughed hard at him. So far he's the stand out character of the series, and sadly he dies.
But even in death he prove the Droid Commandos to be pretty smart, as when a Clone Trooper pretends to be Unit 26 (in disguise as a Clone Trooper), they ask him to take his helmet off, something the Republic side never thought to ask.

Low Points : I enjoyed the episode, so have little bad to say about it. It's far from flawless, but nothing worth complaining about.

Except . . .

They killed Unit 26, my new hero.

So what do you really think ? : Liked this episode a lot, the lack of Jedi, Sith and "Hero" characters (I suppose Cody and Rex are heroes, but they haven't been in it enough to count to me yet) really worked and made the episode feel more dangerous and real, characters could and did die. The villains weren't idiots, and seemed to be a real threat.

Final Words : This episode is my favourite one yet, really enjoyed it, it's obviously not as grown up as some Star Wars, but managed to be fun without being childish. Hope there's more like this to come.

Score : 9/10

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