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Ko Zatec-Cha

Ko Zatec-Cha

Ara (Human Pilot)

Ara (Human Pilot)
Bultar Swan (Human Jedi Knight)

Bultar Swan (Human Jedi Knight)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 4 Episode 22: Revenge

What is it ? : Savage Opress has found his brother Darth Maul, and returns to Dathomir to discover the slaughter that has occurred at the hands of Count Dooku, however Mother Talzin appears and takes the mentally unstable Maul to a place of power where she removes the insanities and restores his mind. She also creates cybernetic legs for him using the parts that are strewn around from the Separatist army, similar in design to General Grievous's ones.
Maul wants revenge on Kenobi, so heads to a backwater planet, killing children and broadcasting that unless Kenobi faces his, more will die. Obi-Wan heads to confront Maul, and is ambushed by Opress while distracted by Maul.
Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress sees the bounty raised by Dooku on Opress, and heads off to capture him, catching up to him and Maul when they have Kenobi prisoner. Ventress and Kenobi team up and fight Maul and Opress, having to retreat, and they steal the command pod of the brothers ship, leaving them stranded in space, but knowing they will hunt them down.

High Points : The episode has some interesting fight scenes, and continues Ventress's journey towards some kind of redemption well, but not a lot actually happens in it, and I'm stuck in finding anything particularly of note to mention.

Low Points : Although my criticism above may seem like I didn't like the episode, I definitely did, and likewise have trouble locating anything I didn't like in the episode. With perhaps my only criticism being the lightsaber fight aboard Maul and Opress's ship, four people in a darkened room, all fighting with Red Lightsabers was one of the least visually impressive, and most confusing battles we've seen, I think the scene would have been far better served if it was well lit, allowing us to see the various opponents in their glory.

So what do you really think ? : This was a good one, but like the continuation of Asajj Ventress's story, it's a bit of a disappointment after waiting an entire season for it. The episode flew by, and had plenty of action, but just seemed a little flat and lifeless.

Final Words : Well, the end of another season of Clone Wars, and on the whole it's been a fantastic one, there have been a few little let downs, but I've really enjoyed this season. I would have preferred a few more standalone episodes, as when you're not really into one of the multipart stories, and it drags on for several episodes you feel a little robbed of what tales you could have been seeing instead.
Just to make my point, this season we started with a 3 parter, had three standalone episodes, into a four parter, straight into another 3 parter, standalone, then 2 four parters. So the entire season we've only had 11 Stories, with the majority of Standalone episodes early in the season. Perhaps balancing them throughout would feel a little better.

Score : 8/10

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