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Star Wars

Sith Uprising Campaign

         The Sith Uprising Campaign is a fairly high-powered D6 Campaign; characters played during this campaign were experienced characters with about 150 character points each. Jedi Characters had reached 3-4d in their force skills, therefore still at an apprentice level, but able to use Lightsaber Combat making them amongst the most dangerous of characters.

         The campaign is set 4 years after the Battle of Endor, and deviates from the expanded universe, so that Admiral Thrawn never returns from the unexplored regions, allowing the campaign to retain some freshness, avoiding the familiar territory of the players having nor real effect on galactic events and always falling in the shadows of the main Star Wars characters.

         The players were a group of Rebel Alliance agents, who had been played in a previous campaign that had ended with the Battle of Endor. I decided that the players had gone their own ways after their missions had ended, but being a party consisting of 50% Jedi, when the events of this campaign began, they were once more called upon to serve the Republic.

         GM`s considering running this campaign (if you're just using individual adventures then you can decide what you want to do yourself) with new characters, should consider giving bonus experience out to boost the characters so they are capable enough to handle themselves, and to simulate their former adventures together.

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