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Raxlo Corporation Transport (with Harvester attachment)
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Pershing (Human Clone Scientist)

Pershing (Human Clone Scientist)

Name: KD-40 Sniper Blaster
Model: Rodia Small Arms KD-40 Blaster Sniper Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blasters; KD-40
Ammo: 40
Fire Rate: 1/3
Cost: 5,500; Ammo 50
Availability: 2,X
Range: 5-50/150/600
Damage: 7D

Description: The KD-40 Blaster Sniper Rifle is a development from the weapons experts at Rodia Small Arms, designed for use by the large bounty hunter and assassin sector of that planets population. With an excellent range, and extremely high damage, the low fire rate is forgivable, especially considering the intended purpose for the weapon. It comes with a telescopic sight, which drops all range modifiers by one level, and a laser sight which adds 1D to the users Blasters skill, although may warn the target of an imminent attack. The KD-40 has sold well, and because of the low kick that a blaster generates, a stock has been left off of the original design, however the wide ownership of the weapon has created a market for extras for this weapon, and stocks and other improvements can be widely purchased.

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