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Han Solo (as of A New Hope)

Han Solo (as of A New Hope)

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Ved Kennede (Human Royal Guardsman Instructor)

Ved Kennede (Human Royal Guardsman Instructor)

Name: DEMP 2
Model: Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster; Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 100
Cost: 1800 (Power Packs: 45)
Availability: 2,X
Range: 1-5/15/50
Damage: 6D/2D *

* : The DEMP 2 does large amounts of Ionisation damage which causes massive damage to electronic systems, but unlike other Ion Weapons, the DEMP does this to such a large degree it also causes interference with the electricity within an organic beings nervous system with corresponding damage to the being. The DEMP 2 also has a secondary firing mode which can charge up the Ion Pulse to do extra damage, for each action that the trigger is held for it adds a +1 to the damage up to a maximum of +2D and adds an effect radius of one meter, however this also uses an additional 3 charges from the weapons magazine. This means a fully charged shot of 8D/4D damage effecting all targets within 6 meters of the impact expends 19 units of energy and requires 7 actions charging before firing.

Description: Commonly referred to as the DEMP 2, the primary mode of the pulse rifle shoots out a concentrated energy ball which is very effective against droids, probes and other mechanical devices. The DEMP 2 also has a secondary fire mode which produces fast attacks that cause radius damage to droids and living things.

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